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Event Reports

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2003 Events

- Steering Group established
- Public Meetings to explore demand for a Society
- Parish Boundary Marking
- Buildings of Doddington
- Founding the Society

Event Reports for 2003

4th June - Steering Group formed based on responses to questionnaire.

Bob and Norma Baxter; Nigel and Lis Heriz-Smith, John Jackson, and David Bage agreed to try and set up a Society.

16th July - Cheese and (bring your own) Wine Party at Forge Cottage.

20 attended. Purpose of Society outlined; draft Constitution available for comment; some ideas on future activities discussed.

7th September - Parish Boundary Marking

Awareness-raising activity. Marking the Parish Boundaries. Six walks to the six points where our Parish meets shared boundaries of neighbouring Parishes.

Map for Beating The Parish Bounds

Not a formal “beating of the bounds” as we could not arrange public access in time. We met in Park Farm Orchard (junction of Toll Lane and Lynsted Lane). Six groups walked to boundary markers put up by the Society and tied sprigs of Lime Tree to the posts - the name “Lynsted” has strong associations with Lime trees (Linden trees). You can see some photos of the day here.

Twenty people converged on the Neaves’ Traditional Cherry Orchard on Park Farm as the perfect place to start and finish our marking of the boundaries. So, our thanks to them for their kindness in making the orchard available for a day of hail, sleet and snow to plant two holly trees at each boundary marker.

Dr. Robert Baxter's (then Chairman of the Society) background article on Beating of the Bounds helps make sense of that ancient tradition - read the article. That same article contains images from both the 2003 walks and 2004 holly-planting boundary events.

Post 4 updated: On 28th November 2017, three holly whips were planted by Fiona Boucher to replace those lost in the clearing of a very overgrown field margin. The Society are grateful to the Boucher family for their generosity in adding hollies into their planting of mixed native hedging plants and related tree planting adjacent to the more formal orchard in the field opposite Sandown Cottages. You can read Bob Baxter's account that has been appended to his original article of 2003 - click on the "read the article" link above.

2nd October - Buildings of Doddington

An illustrated talk from local historian, Arthur Percival, MBE, talking about “The history and buildings of Doddington”, to inspire us to research the history of our own Parish. Arthur is a very widely sought after speaker in and around the Faversham area.

26th November - Foundation Day

In the Community Room of Lynsted Church. A general meeting was called by the Lynsted with Kingsdown Society Steering Group to found The Society, adopt the constitution and elect the committee.