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Additional walks in and around the Parish

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- Anne Dawes' Walk: Lynsted, Kingsdown, taking in Doddington

- Six Boundary walks

Walks to Six Boundary Markers

In 2003, the Society was emerging as an idea. An early objective was to raise awareness of the parish as a whole, rather than a loose collection of villages, hamlets and farmsteads.

We developed 6 walks to the points where our parish met the boundaries of two other neighbouring parishes. Variations can be easily developed using the other paths, bridleways and lanes (dotted lines show the public paths available). A larger version of this map can be downloaded through this link.

Walk 1 took in Kingsdown (Hole Street Farm) to parish junction of Slough Road - 3.2 miles.
Walk 2 took in Toll Lane, Ludgate Road, Kingsdown, and parish junction on Kingsdown Road - 3.2 miles
Walk 3 took in Toll Lane, through village, past Batteries Farm, along Claxfield Lane and parish junction opposite coldstore - 3.1 miles.
Walk 4 took in Toll Lane past Cambridge Farm, Stoney Path (we believe this has roots back to Roman times), and Nouds Lane down to the A2 boundary marker - 4 miles with 2 stiles
Walk 5 took in Toll Lane, Village Centre past Hillside House, cross Tickham Lane and Loyterton to the boundary marker on the lane leading to Monks Farm. Not a walk for the infirm as there are 6 stiles on this 3.1 mile walk.
Walk 6 took in Kingsdown (Hole Street Farm) following the track past the historic Kingsdown Church (now maintained by the Redundant Churches Fund) and to the boundary marker on the path by Downs Court (Downs Court Road) - 3.1 miles

Six walks to boundary points