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"Grand Evening Concert" Poster 1888 - Lynsted Board Schools

Poster for a Grand Evening Concert in 1888 Lynsted SchoolsFirst discovered by Frank and Lorna Bristow under a water tank (!) when they ran the Pharmacy. The poster is now kept in the trust of Ann Diamond who has brought it to the Society’s attention and is reproduced here with her kind permission. This artefact provoked several responses from visitors and Members.

Ann Diamond pointed out the interesting pricing - if you booked early, you paid more (two shillings). No doubt because you were gauranteed a front pew. If you turned up on the day you paid six pence! How modern marketing has changed!

The reference to Lynsted Schools, in the plural, could mean the school had separate boys and girls rooms? “Board Schools” are the early forms of state schools.

David Bage (10 November 2004) commented: “With reference to the poster and its reference to Schools, I append below an extract from a 1908 directory which was reproduced in 1980 of which a number of people have a copy. It was obviously the custom then to refer to what was on the site as “schools” probably because there was an infants school and what we would now call a junior school plus those staying on until they were fourteen not having passed 'the scholarship' to get them into secondary education (the only such education was what we now call grammar schools).” In effect, three schools!

1908 Directory: "Council Schools: These commodious Schools were erected in 1877, for 200 children, and were considerably enlarged in 1897, and the present buildings will accommodate over 300 children. There are about 230 children on the books. Headmaster, Thomas L. Acker­mann. Assistant Teachers, Miss Hambrook, Miss M. E. Hunt (infant mis­tress), Miss Miles, and Miss White".

Peter Stuart (5th January 2005), a visitor to this website who was researching his family names, says:

“Some suggestions as to who some of the individuals mentioned could have been