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Article Key Points

- Importance of Roman Catholicism
- The Possible Site of the Family Chapel
- Sir John Roper’s purchase of his title
- The Roper Monument and inscriptions
- Christopher Roper, 2nd Baron Teynham
- John Roper, 3rd Baron Teynham
- Christopher, 4th Baron Teynham
- Philip, 9th Baron Teynham returned to Roman Catholicism (as had his father)
- Henry, 11th Baron Teynham makes the final break with Roman Catholicism, 1781
- Roper Armorial described
- Epiphanius Evesham: Sculptor of the Second Lord Teynham’s Monument

Associated Documents

- Booklet on the Church Memorials and Tablets

- Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions

- Margaret Roper and the Skull of Sir Thomas More, executed in 1535 - with added links to historical research provided by Lori Stevens.


Roper - Family Connections

The Roper family has extremely long connections with our Parish and this has led to a number of bits of research and some enquiries about connections that span the globe!


Family researcher, Lori Stevens from America, has found links back to John Roper (1453 - 1524) - see her lineage below. Lori asked a very relevant question - what happened to the portraiture for this family? We are fairly sure that any surviving portraits would have been "dispersed" at or before the sale of the estate in September 1919.
If you know the location of any portraits of this (or other) family, please contact us.

Lineage between Roper and Stevens