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Documentation on Stedlyn and the Macey Family Connections with Lynsted

- Archaeological Survey of Stelyn Retreat (2004)

Macey and Scott Families

- Stedlyn Greyhound Scrap Book (1977)

- Recollections of the Maceys by Myra Scott (12 April 2010)

-- Marriage: George Archibald Macey and Gladys May Hudson (26th December 1927)
-- Marriage: Walter Frederick Macey to Dorothy Eileen Hudson (21st September 1935)
-- Marriage of Florence Ivy Hudson (Monday, 8th January 1934)

Family Trees

- Macey Family Tree
- Hudson Family Tree

Snapshots in Time

- George Macey's Passion for Greyhounds

- Len Scott and Lynsted Church Clock, with echoes from 1720!

- Dr Who in Lynsted Lodge (c.1970s)


- Myra Scott
- Lyn McKnight (Hudson Family researcher to whom we offer thanks for her additions)

[Updated December 2017]

Hudson Family Tree

Navigation: Use the scroll arrows at each side to move left or right along the Family Tree.

This tree joins with the Macey family through Myra Scott's father (George Archibald Macey) as well as her uncle, Walter Frederick Macey.
Some additional information for some members is given below the family tree.
Alternatively, you can see the descendant trees from Thomas Macey (1803) to Myra Scott


Since first posting these pages, we have heard (19th December 2017) from family researcher, Lyn McKnight whose great great grand-father was George Henry Hudson. Additional material has very kindly been offered for inclusion in the "Hudson story".

First Generation

This family tree starts with George Henry Hudson (c.1834-1915) and his wife Sarah A. Hudson (c. 1841, Lowestoft, Suffolk) and their eight children. Earlier records have proved difficult to reconcile, so visitors may be able to improve on the Society's efforts!

George and Sarah spent most of their married life in London, where George appears as a grocer in 1871 and grocers warehouseman - living firstly in 33 Thorpe Mews, Chelsea and then 172 Kilburn Lane, North-East Chelsea. He then finds employment as a Railway Porter (moving to 91 Droop Sreet, Kensal Town, Chelsea) before returning to his birthplace to live at 2 Beaconsfield Road, St Mary, Dover, still portering for hotels and inns at the age of 74. He is still at that address in the 1911 Census. By this date, the Head of household for that address was his daughter-in-law.

Second Generation

The children from George and Sarah's marriage were made up of:

Male Female
  b. 1862 (Lowestoft), Alice
b.1863 (Stratford, Essex), Albert Edward [see Additional Notes below]  
  b.1865 (Sevenoaks), Ada
b.1867 (Middlesex), James  
b.1870 (Nottinghill), John (m. Elizabeth Caroline Herbert; marriage date Not Known. Elizabeth died in 1900; married again in 1905 to Elsa Emily Balkham)  
  b. 1870 (Middlesex), Mary
b. 1874 (Nottinghill), George Henry (m. 8th April 1899, to Sarah Alice Rixon at Buckland, near Dover) (d. 1910, Dover)  
b.1877 (Nottinghill), Vernon Alberon (m. Elizabeth Maud) (d. 1961) - Myra's Grandfather  

Additional Notes:

Albert Edward Hudson, b.1861-2, Stratford, London: Bricklayer and General Labourer in and around London until 1911 when, at the age of 49, he is recorded as a "Belmont Workhouse Inmate", Brighton Road, Sutton, Surrey. We could not find an obvious record for him in 1901, so it is not clear how found his way to the Workhouse. Remained Single.

John Hudson, b. 1870, was a "collector for a Stores" in 1891 living with his father at 91 Droop Street, Kensal Town, Chelsea). In 1901, John is still with father but now in Dover, working as a "marine porter" from No.2 Beaconsfield Road. Family researcher, Lyn McKnight, confirms that John married Elizabeth Caroline Herbert who later died in 1900. John and Elizabeth raised three children who appear in the 1901 Census as - Nellie (b.1893), Mabel (b.1895), and John (b.1898).Following Elizabeth's death, John married again in 1905 to Elsa Emily Balkham who bore four more children - Poppy Marjorie Annie, Cyril Stanley, Geoffrey John Jellicoe and Douglas Foch (or Jack).

Poppy was Lyn McKnight's grandmother.

George Henry (1847-1910) died young at the age of 36, leaving Alice ("Sarah Alice") with their 7 children. We know nothing of the circumstances. By 1911, Alice was Head of household with her father-in-law still living in the house (No.2 Beaconsfield Road). George and (Sarah) Alice Hudson's children were:



b. 1899 (Dover, Kent), Vernon  
b. 1899 (Dover, Kent), Harry  
  b. 1903 (Charlton, nr Dover), Kathleen Alice
  b. 1906 (Charlton, nr Dover), Winifred Maud
  b. 1908 (Charlton, nr Dover), Eva May


Vernon Alberon Hudson (1877-1961) was born in Nottinghill with his parents living 172 Kilburn Road, Nottinghill in 1881. As a 15-year old lad, he was an "errand boy in a pianoforte makers" in London. By 1911 "Vernon Albrow Hudson" (married in 1905 to Elizabeth Maud), is shown as a Chief Steward on the Dover-Calais Cross-Channel Service, with a "postal address" of Dover Harbour Pier. Among his four children was Myra's mother, Gladys May Hudson.

Third Generation

The children from Vernon and Elizabeth's marriage were made up of:

Male Female
  b. 1906 (Charlton nr. Dover) Gladys May (m. George Archibald Macey)
  b. 1907 (Charlton nr. Dover) Florence Ivy
  b. 1909 (Charlton nr. Dover) Dorothy Eileen
b.1910 Vernon  


Myra's Aunt "Flo" is remembered as a formidable woman.

For more information you can read the Macey Family Tree and the Stedlyn Farm story that brings to life the stories of Myra's Family. For those with an interest in archaeology - turn to the Report compiled before Stedlyn Farm was developed.