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Documentation on Stedlyn and the Macey Family Connections with Lynsted

- Archaeological Survey (2004)

Macey and Scott Families

- Stedlyn Greyhound Scrap Book (1977)

- Recollections of the Maceys by Myra Scott (12 April 2010)

-- Marriage: George Archibald Macey and Gladys May Hudson (26th December 1927)
-- Marriage: Walter Frederick Macey to Dorothy Eileen Hudson (21st September 1935)
-- Marriage of Florence Ivy Hudson (Monday, 8th January 1934)

Family Trees

- Macey Family Tree
- Hudson Family Tree

Snapshots in Time

- George Macey's post-World War 1 army record (Certification of Service)

- George Macey's Passion for Greyhounds

- Len Scott and Lynsted Church Clock, with echoes from 1720!

- Dr Who in Lynsted Lodge (c.1970s)

Stedlyn Retreat Farm and Dog Track


'An archaeological evaluation and subsequent excavation and watching brief were carried out by Wessex Archaeology in advance of the housing development at 'Stedlyn' (St Paul's Court). Here are the reports on the work. For more information on Sir Dru Drury and his times, see Selby, E, Teynham Manor and Hundred, Meresborough Books, 1982. Thanks are due to Wessex Archaeology for permission to publish the reports.'

Macey Family Records

Stedlyn Scrap Book (2004)

Shared with the Society by Myra Scott, whose father (George Macey) bought the land and ran several businesses from it. At one time, "Stedlyn" was a nationally competitive and successful grey-hound breeding and training centre. At other times the farm business included pigs, turkeys and fruit. The name arose through word-play by George Macey "Lynsted"..."Stedlyn". His enjoyment of language can be seen through the scrapbook, which includes many of his advertisements! The scrap book was a wedding anniversary gift from his wife and presents a quirky insight into the man and place. Read on ...

Stedlyn Family Recollections (2010)

When exploring the scrap-book, it soon became clear there is a surprising and entertaining story of the Macey family from its recent beginnings in Dover, via a fish shop on Greenstreet, to a cottage behind the George Inn, and finally to Stedlyn Farm and life in Lynsted. Read on....

It is a pity that George Archibald Macey's WW1 records are amongst those many records lost to fire in the second world war. However, Myra was able to show us his Regular Army Certification of Service that takes the story to 1930.....


Family Trees (compiled 2014 by the Society)

Based on the stories and images shared by Myra Scott, the Society have tried (within reason) to map each of the families that came together in Lynsted Parish.

  1. Macey Family Tree
  2. Hudson Family Tree