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Churches in and near to Lynsted with Kingsdown

Often, churches are the oldest buildings still standing in any community. Of course, that is not always the case.

Locally, Teynham (St.Mary's) is the 'senior' church that features in the Domesday book. Lynsted church is of a comparable age but probably only a chapel at the time of the Domesday survey. But the medieaval Kingsdown church (St.Catherine's) was knocked down in favour of a magnificent example of Pugin's craft (gothic revivalist). St. Andrew's church was shortlived on Greenstreet Hill after subsidence caused the brickwork to crack. Greenstreet Methodist Hall continues its religious and community service (a preferred venue for Society events). The Wesleyan church in Greenstreet has undergone many transformations over the years - most memorably as a billiards hall, but with several other commercial uses.

There are records of an independent chapel for the Roper family in the 17th Century when their Roman Catholic associations (the Roper family were Recusants) were definitely out of favour. Quite where that chapel was, records do not confirm.

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