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- The George Inn: Tenants and Kent Historic Environment Record


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Public Houses in Greenstreet

In the nineteenth century and turn of the twentieth century there were at least three public houses that have since disappeared and several “beer retailers”. This latter category appears to have included private homes in which beer was sold in the ‘front room’ as a way of making ends meet. We have some images from our Open Days that are used on the relevant pages on this site.

Working east to west:

Dover Castle - thriving today (south side)

Teynham Arms - demolished and now the site of a fish and chip shop (north side)

Rose Inn - first drawn to our attention through census data - we didn’t know where along the north side of Greenstreet this beer-seller was located. Then we had correspondence from Lyn Fischer who had copies of the Deeds for Wicks Stores (following links with the Vallance family name) and Trevor Cramp who was preparing an article for Teynham Parish Newsletter. Read the story here.

The George - thriving today, significant historical building (south side).

- Publicans/tenants (thanks to David Aggersberg)
- Kent Historic Environment Record entry for "The George Inn"

The Swan - original mediaeval building demolished and replaced by the current faux-timbered building (south side)

The Fox - now converted to flats (north side).