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- Greenstreet Montage:-
1973 (Peter Salmon) and
2010 (Nigel Heriz-Smith)

- Postcard Images of Greenstreet

- Greenstreet Family - Research

- Extract from "A Saunter through Kent"

- Extracts from Elizabeth Selby's "Teynham Manor and Hundred"


Greenstreet Montage

When ex-Mayor Peter Salmon joined a community event at the beginning of the new Millennium, he remarked that he had a collection of photographs that he took while walking up and down Greenstreet in 1973. Although the Lynsted with Kingsdown Society was only being talked about at that time, we were very grateful to Peter for his generosity.

As part of the first Open History Day held by the Society in 2010, Nigel Heriz-Smith decided to repeat Peter Salmon's walk as part of a display in Lynsted Church to draw attention to how communities change over relatively short periods - 37 years in this case. We added this montage to the web site in 2014.

Greenstreet Photographic Montage - 1973 and 2010
1973 Greenstreet Hill looking east towards Faversham No.1 Looking towards Faversham from Cellar Hill.
Peter decided one day to walk up one side of Greenstreet and back down the other.To mark the first History Open Day (2010) for the Lynsted with Kingsdown Society, Nigel Heriz-Smith repeated the exercise to build a display for visitors.
2010 Greenstreet Hill looking east toward Faversham
1973 Greenstreet Hill with the Jubilee Pump in view No.2 Memorial Fountain and Dover Castle
This collection is also of interest for the cars of the day and how few there were!
2010 Greenstreet Hill with the Jubilee Pump in view
1973 Petrol Pumps at corner of Station Road No.3 Petrol Pumps at corner of Station Road
These pumps have long gone. The use of this corner shop has changed several times since. The front of the house next door has also changed.
The "gap" in 2010 was developed in 2014 to create small flats.
2010 Petrol Pumps at corner of Station Road
Crispins Fish and Chip Shop on the site of the old Teynham Arms No.4 Crispins Fish and Chip Shop
This changed after a major rebuild. The shop occupies the plot of land that contained our local brewery for many years (Teynham Arms). The open site next to Crispins has been developed into a terrace of locally built and attractive homes.
2010 Crispins Fish and Chip Shop oon the site of the old Teynham Arms
1973 Teynham Post Office and Wicks No.5 The Old Teynham Post Office (arched window) with Wicks in the distance. The current Post Office is immediately left (out of shot). Wicks (local convenience store and newsagents for many years) was once The Rose Tavern or beer-seller. Now two homes. 2010 Teynham Post Office and Wicks
1973 No's 108 to 105 No.6 "From No's 108 (next to the Cooperative Stores - the flat roofed shop was once Nethercoates Cafe and Sweetshop) to 105" 2010 No's 108 to 105 London Road
No.7 Lime House and workshops.
This home faced onto a woodyard that is now a small car park. The Zeebrugge Memorial (a small plaque on a tree trunk that serves as a seat today) was donated from this woodyard. This was also an undertakers for many years.
2010 Lime House and new buildings on site of the workshops
1973 Lime House and workshops No.8 Lime House showing the workshops (now a residential terrace). The house on the other side of the open space has been replaced by a modern doctor's surgery. Lime House Workshops now a modern terrace
1973 Nos135 to 121 London Road No.9 No's 135 to 121
The Methodist Chapel has been a billiards room, an Antiques showroom and flooring retailer. The library building was once the local fire station, which now sits in Station Road in a modern building.
2010 No135 to 121 London Road
1973 Nos135 to151 London Road No.10 No's 135 to 151
This stretch has changed out of all recognition as it is now occupied by a modern terrace of four homes, set slightly back from the main road. The For Sale sign obviously worked!
1973 Nos135 to151 London Road
1973 Nos 175 to 153 London Road No.11 No's 175 to 153
The boarded up property is now two homes. The wooden structure has had its frontage updated and has changed uses several times from furniture store, pine goods, a Chiropracter and Reflexologist, and Tatoo Parlour, etc.
2010 Nos175 to 153 London Road
1973 Site of the Fox Inn No.12 The Fox Inn
Redevelopment of this pub included slates replacing the original tiles. As has happened nationwide, the pub closed and has been turned into flats. The space between the pub and the historically interesting and ancient feather-boarded cottage is now occupied by a modern house set back from the road.
2010 Site of the Fox Inn
1973 Site of the Comet Motel No.13 The Comet Motel (Oval sign to the right of this image). This motel gradually declined until quite recently when it was demolished and sold for development. Development ideas included a fast food and hotel services. Residential flats now occupy the site. The bus stop sign is hardly visible today and stands about four feet tall! 2010 Site of the Comet Motel
1973 Ferrell and Baker petrol station and car sales No.14 Petrol Station - looking West
Peter was a witness to how few cars there were in 1973! If you try today to stop long enough to take a photo, well, you wouldn't try!
The petrol station has long since ceased trading - see notes on the history of Ferrell and Baker. The site has been given over to car sales, and in 2013 an on-line business.
2010 Ferrell and Baker petrol station and car sales
1973 Petrol Station looking east The return walk.....
No.15 Petrol Station looking East up Greenstreet (A2 London Road).
The site to the right of the Petrol Station has been cleared of the second-hand cars that once occupied it.
The 30mph zone now sits near to Radfield to the west of this point.
2010 Petrol Station looking east
1973 The Fox and Victorian terraces opposite No.16 The Fox and Greenstreet
The run of Victorian terraced houses was developed alongside the expansion of brickfields locally, supplying much of London's yellow stock bricks. There are very few brick-fields in the area (no longer in Teynham). By 2014, most of the brickearth extraction has ended locally.
2010 The Fox and Victorian terraces opposite
1973 Nos114 to 146 London Road No.17 No's 114 to 146
The large open space leading up to No. 138 has since been infilled with four good sized homes set back from the road. The lean-to slate covered garage (also used as a fireman's workshop) was knocked down.
2010 Nos114 to 146 London Road
2010 Nos 112 to 110 London Road No.18 No's 112 to 110
There has not been much change to this view since 1973
1973 Nos 112 to 110 London Road
1973 the George Inn No.19 The George Inn
Historically interesting old inn.
The sign in the foreground is for the 'new' Swan pub.
2010 The George Inn
1973 The Swan Hotel No.20 The Swan
This modern building replaced a very much older timber-frames pub that sat to the front of this site. This new building was erected behind the earlier building - then the old inn was demolished to make way for the car park. A sign of the times.
2010 The Swan
1973 Newhouse Farm buildings No.21 No's 66 to 68
The three distinct buildings (right) have a considerable history behind them as they are all part of Newgardens Farm (not the one in Nouds Lane - which no longer exists). They sit on the corner of Lynsted Lane as it meets Greenstreet opposite the George Inn..
2010 Newhouse Farm buildings
1973 Newhouse Farm buildings No.22 No's 70 to 58
This very sad and delapidated building and its outhouses have been restored thank goodness. They are part of what was once Newhouse Farm.
2010 Newhouse Farm buildings
1973 Nos56 to 44 London Road No.23 No's 56 to 44
A very timely record of new buildings replacing old ones. These modern houses contrast with those that surround them.
2010 Nos56 to 44 London Road
1973 Reads' Butchers Shop No.24 Read's Butchers
It was a sad day when these local butchers closed. As part of their reason for closing, the owners expressed frustration with the regulations and changes in weights and measures that had been imposed.
This is now converted to residential use.
2010 Reads' Butchers Shop
1973 Nos 40 to 22 London Road No.25 No's 40 to 22
The flat-roofed building remains today but neither of the shops exists any longer. The nearest one was converted to residential use and, more recently, the further shop has been levelled and replaced with a modern residential build on the same building line.
2010 Nos 40 to 22 London Road
1973 The Dover Castle Public House No.26 The Dover Castle
A large and popular pub in the Shepherd Neame brewery list. In its time it was a coaching inn, used as a local court, and the place of many public meetings (e.g. local hunts, public meetings about the railways arriving, and a place to recruit soldiers at the outbreak of World War 1).
2010 the Dover Castle
1973 Greenstreet Hill and Cellar Hill No.27 No.10 to Cellar Hill
This is a fascinating cluster of mixed old and relatively new homes. There used to be an old forge here (that is commemorated by an informative sign erected on the wall of the newer home built on its site). Walnuts is the last building in Greenstreet on the south side before open pasture land.
2010 Greenstreet hill and Cellar Hill