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Millennium Hedge-laying

The Millennium Hedge Project began before the Society came into existence and was very much the idea of Lynsted Parish Council, drawing on a host of volunteers and working with our much-valued Norton and Lynsted Primary School. Planting List and Identification is below.

Looking back to the beginning of this project, it is astounding how a plain laneside (Cambridge Lane) has been enriched by the efforts of hardy individuals who first prepared the ground and planted the hedge, followed by those who learned to lay the hedge (with the support of this Society in 2008). The diversity of planting means that this hedge has evolved into a cheery seasonal display. The laying has created a stock-proof barrier that is supporting wildlife at the same time.

Anyone taking a stroll up Cambridge Lane will find a thriving hedge with plenty of new growth. I think it is fair to say that everyone involved had a good time, learnt a dying art and possibly made some new friends.

The people involved include some who had lived in Lynsted for donkeys years to others who have recently arrived and hardly unpacked their boxes. Some came from farther a field including our good friend Andy, from Ramsgate via Norton.

A lot of hard work and free time has been given to make this happen and I would like to thank Ken Diamond, Bob Baxter, Jenny and Graham Sargent, Kevin Barrett, Ken Northfield, Trish Murphy, Frank and Judith Oldham, Neil Anderson, Tom English, Andy McElevy, Kevin Castle, Jonathan Jackson, Tom, Ben and Emily Meek, Brian Pond, Len Scott, Martin Lewis and Jack, Robin and Mary Fielding, Nigel and Lis Heriz-Smith, Mike Hudson and finally John Flower the Master hedge layer who showed us the way. We hope we have not left anyone out but apologise if we have. The end result is something we can all be proud of.

The images, below, give a sense of how the project has transformed the lane.

Millennium Hedge - Plant List

Lynsted's Community Hedge for the Millennium
SPECIES LIST Leaf Flower Fruit/ Seed Twig Bark
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn Leaf Blackthorn_flower Blackthorn Fruit - Sloes_jams_gin Blackthorn Twig Blackthorne bark
Dogwood Cornus sanguinea Dogwood_leaf Dogwood_flower Dogwood_berry_not_edible Dogwood twig Dogwood Bark
Hazel Corylus avellana Hazel Leaf and young shoot Hazel Flower - tiny inconspicuous Hazell Nut Hazel Twig Hazel Bark texture
Spindle Euonymus europaeus Spindle Leaf Spindle Flower Spindle Fruit - hermaphrodite Spindle twig and buds Spindle Bark - raise line of cork
Holly Ilex aquifolium Holly leaf - very spiney Holly Flowers Holly berries Holly twig Holly bark
Field maple Acer campestre Field Maple leaf Field Maple flowers Field_Maple_seed Field Maple twig Field Maple bark
Dog rose Rosa canina Dog Rose Leaf Dog Rose flower Dog Rose Fruit - Hips Dog Rose twig Dog Rose Bark and prickles
Wayfaring tree Vibernum lanata Wayfaring Tree leaf Wayfaring Tree Flower Wayfaring Tree Fruit Berries Wayfaring Tree Twig Wayfaring Tree Bark
Guelder rose Vibernum opulus guelder rose leaf Guelder Rose Flower Guelder Rose Fruit berries Guelder Rose Twig and opposite buds Guelder Rose young bark
Gorse Ulex europaeus gorse foliage Gorse flower Gorse pods Gorse twig gorse bark
Broom Cytisus scoparius Broom Leaves - pea-like Broom Flowers Broom Seed Pods Broom Twigs winter Broom Bark
English oak Quercus robur Oak Leaf - quercus robur Oak Flowers Quercus robur oak acorns Oak Twig alternate buds Oak Bark granulated ridged
Hornbeam Carpinus betulus          
Ash Fraxinus excelsior          

Hedge planted: December 1997. Length 170m (184yd)