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Commemoration of Casualties from the Parochial Parish of Kingsdown and Creekside.

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Reports and Other Documents

- Official Despatches issued during the Second World War (WW2)


Second World War - Despatches as part of the Official Record

Victory in Europe 75th Anniversary of CelebrationsThis collection provides insights into priorities and progress in prosecution of the Second World War as reported in the London and Edinburgh Gazettes.

We have not created an exhaustive collection of Despatches as several of these documents were simple lists of those "mentioned in despatches", few of whom are relevant to our record of those lost from the Kingsdown and Creekside Parishes and, more particularly, the Parish of Lynsted with Kingsdown. Lower ranks might be mentioned under "honours" but otherwise are largely ignored in despatched lists of casualties - the numbers were just too vast.

These Despatches are quite formal documents and carefully crafted for the audience - their bosses/Government Minister - but were often reported in national and regional newspapers - especially those that listed casualties and honours. Under construction as new transcriptions are madeTheir value is in their reflection of perceived facts on the ground from real-time reporting in War Diaries, etc. The dates (below) are when each Despatch was written, not when they were published (which happened days or even weeks after the periods they apply to).

The transcription process is on-going ... transcriptions are being made of Despatches that coincide with our losses and the theatre in which they died ...

Written Theatre Comments (primary focus)
Supplement to the London Gazette published on Friday, the 10th of OCTOBER, 1941. [No. 35305]
25th April, 1940 Europe First Despatch. Covering the period from 3rd September, 1939, to 31st January, 1940
25th July 1940 Europe Second Despatch. Covering the period from 1st February, 1940, to 31st May, 1940.
* Operations - Phase 1 (10th-16th May 1940);
* Operations - Phase 2 (17th-26th May);
* Operations - Phase 3 (26th-31st May);
* Some Lessons of the Campaign.
    Appendix to Second Despatch covering operations of 1st Corps
from 6 p.m. 31st May, to midnight 2nd/3rd June.
Supplement to the London Gazette published on Wednesday, the 22nd of MAY, 1946. [No. 37573]
22nd June 1940 Europe Covering the period 12th June to 19th June, 1940 - how the decision was reached to withdraw British Forces from France in face of overwhelming German forces and disintegrating French formations. The main focus was on Cherbourg.
Also Summary of BEF from 1st to 18th June, 1940 [Appendix B - written 20th June]
Supplement to the London Gazette published on Monday, 24th MAY, 1948. [No. 38296]
4th August 1941 Mediterranean The Battle of Crete. Naval evacuation under sustained German attack.
Also a Despatch of 14th September 1941 covering the details of the evacuation of Crete.
Supplement to the London Gazette published on Wednesday, the 11th of SEPTEMBER, 1946.
20th August 1941 Europe Covering the period of The Battle Of Britain. (Air Ministry)
Supplement to the London Gazette published on Tuesday, the 5th November 1946. [No. 37779]
7th June 1943 North Africa Operation in North West Africa from 8th November 1942 to 13th May 1943 (War Office)
Supplement to The London Gazette published on Thursday, 15 January, 1948 [No. 38177]
27th January 1943 Middle East Operations in the Middle East from 1st November 1941 to 15th August 1942. (War Office)
Supplement to The London Gazette published on Thursday, 5th February, 1948. [No. 38196]
23rd May 1947 Middle East The African Campaign from El Alamein to Tunis, from 10th August, 1942 to 13th May, 1943. (The War Office)
Supplement to the London Gazette published on Thursday, 16th SEPTEMBER, 1948. [No.38404]
29th February 1948 Home Air Operations by Fighter Command from 25th November 1940 to 31st December 1941.
    23rd May, 1947