How the Society started

The Society was set up on 26th November 2003 after a Steering Group sounded out parishioners' views.

Public meetings showed there was an appetite for a non-political, non-campaigning Society that could capture a wide range of interests within the newly enlarged (April 2003) Parish that combined Lynsted with Kingsdown. Kingsdown brings part of our Parish into the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

In 2003 and 2005, we surveyed our community and out Membership to check what they wanted from the Society - covering topics, timing of events, membership fees and venues. Of course, if you have ideas on future talks, events or projects, please do contact us.

Ours is a Membership-based Society. Members enjoy access to many 'Members-only' events, discounts on more costly events, and free access to our programme of regular evening presentations. Membership fees also provide essential income to support research projects.

Having a formal Constitution made it possible to apply for grants to purchase presentation and archiving equipment. We were able to purchase a marquee, billhooks for hedgelaying project, on-line research charges and display key material to promote our work.

Annual General Meetings take place around October/November each year when we review our Constitution and elect our Committee. The Committee meets throughout the year, roughly every six weeks or so to manage the Society programme and any matters arising.

Responsive web (2020 December update): We hope you enjoy browsing the Society's web site, which has been redesigned to be responsive [HTML5/CSS3, for the technically minded] to all devices. Access to our archives is made mainly through this web-site. Although, we do occasionally print booklets (paid for).

Our intention is to inform and entertain our Members, residents, families with local links and those from further afield who are interested in the Communities in and around Lynsted and Kingsdown.

As you explore our communities through the stories and material you find in this archive, if you have any questions, contributions or suggestions please do contact us. We are keen to include anything, small or large, new or old, that sheds a bit of light on how today's community has evolved and changed over the years.

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