View Index of Listed Buildings in Lynsted with Kingsdown and Greenstreet (north and south sides)

Anchor House - Remarkable half-timbered hall-house below the church

Aymers - Country House built in 1860s by the Vallance Family.

Berkeley House - Home to remains of Champion's Windmill. The Demolished Union Mill in Claxfield/Mill Lane is also discussed.

Claxfield Farmhouse - Wealden Hall House on Claxfield/Mill Lane (between Lynsted Village and London Road)

Claxfield House - see also Henneker Family account for familly connection.

Ferrell and Baker Garage, Greenstreet - Sadness as garage reign ends. Family photographs of the business.

Forge Cottage, The Street - for many years the home of David and Peggy Bage.

The Grange - 18th Century, Grade 2 listed on Greenstreet Hill, Lynsted Parish

Heathfield House - timber-framed 16th century house, Ludgate Lane, Lynsted Village

Jubilee Pump - 1897, chequered and hilarious history reviewed (PDF)

Kingsdown Church - Once the site of a Mediaeval Church, knocked down in favour of a Welby Pugin designed church.

Lynsted Church of Saints Peter and Paul - Home Page covering the fabric, memorials, bells, the clergy and gravestones survey. Also the Lynsted Medieaval Ring and Church Path Excavation Finds. Also an illustrated account of the replacement of war-damaged East Window and Hugesson Chapel window by Francis Spear (1950).

Lynsted Court or Sewards - Listed Building at the heart of Lynsted Village. Article written by Dr Robert Baxter.

Lynsted Lodge and Park (and the lost house of Bedmangore) - illustrations and listing narrative

Mount House (No. 8 London Road) - in a Conservation Area, permitted for development after Historic England rejected calls for "Listing".

Radfield House and Hamlet - Listed buildings, features and summary - also a booklet available through the Historic Research Group of Sittingbourne (HRGS).

Telephone Kiosk, The Street, Lynsted Village - Listed Grade II

Tudor Cottage, Cellar Hill - a fine example of a local hall house that has many clues to its previous occupants.

The Wanstalls - no longer standing. Reputed to be a barracks at one time. Thanks to Roy Woodward we have front and back views of The Wanstalls. We have added a Wanstall Family tree.

Public Houses of Greenstreet.

Public Houses Listed - past and present

The George Inn - an historically important and characterful property at the junction with Lynsted Lane.

The Rose Inn - a beerhouse once known as "The Royal Oak". In modern times, Rose Bakery, then Wicks Store and finally divided into two residences. Linked to WW1 civilian casualty - Alice Post (munitions worker lost through poisoning) and her brother in WW2, Edward George (an Inspector in the Hong Kong Police). We have transcribed the Deeds too - see below.

The Swan - Modern replacement of the original historic building.




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