Property Auction - Nouds Estate - 1861 and 1901

This Sale was due to take place in June but that month it was recorded as "Postponed" - the Estate remained in the hands of the Barling Family until the auction some forty years later in 1901. The Auction of 1901 was directed by the Trustees of Philip Barling who died at Nouds aged 67 - 13 February 1897.

Kentish Gazette 18th March 1808;

Auction (Postponed) - advertised 21st May 1861

23rd April 1861 (Kentish Gazette) - First announcement of proposed sale by Philip Barling of Lynsted Farm, Monks Farm and Bogle Farm.

"LYNSTEAD AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, ON FRIDAY, the 28th of JUNE, 1861, AT THE SHIP INN, FAVERSHAM. At One for Two o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, the following Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, IN LOTS:

Lot 1.- BOGLE FARM, in the parish of LYNSTEAD, comprising a commodious Farm House, Barn, Outbuildings, and 15a. 1r. 36p. of Orchard and Arable Land.
Lot 2.- A MALTHOUSE, let in Four Tenements, at rents amounting to £20 16s. per annum, with 20a 0r. 10p.
Lot 3 - A PIECE of ARABLE Land, containing 7a. 3r. 14p., call the Malthouse, Seven Acres.
Lot 4.- A PIECE OF ARABLE LAND, containing 4a. 1r. 5p. called the Milstead, Four Acres.
Lot 5.- BOGLE COTTAGES, let in Seven Dwellings, at rents amounting to £37 per annum, with 5a. 2r. 34p., of Orchard Land near.
Lot 6.- A PIECE of ARABLE LAND, called School House Field, containing 5a. 3r. 2p.
Lot 7.- A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT called Old Park, now let in Cottages, with a piece of Arable Land, containing altogether 13a. 1r. 12p.
The above Lots are all in Lynstead.

Lot 8.- A COMPACT LITTLE FARM, called Monks, in the parish of LYNSTEAD and NORTON, containing with site of house and outbuilding 30a. 0r. 39p, of Orchard and Arable Land.
Lot 9.- A PIECE of WOODLAND, containing 1a. 2r. 28p. being part of Pettwood, and in the parish of Bapchild.
Lot 10.- A PIECE of ARABLE LAND called Punch Bowl Field, containing 3r. 19p in the parish of Doddington.
Lot 11.- LYNSTED COURT FARM, comprising Farmhouse and commodious outbuildings, with 140a. 0r. 23p. of Pasture, Orchard, and Arable Land, in the parish of LYNSTEAD.
Lot 12.- A GROCERS SHOP AND WHEELWRIGHTS SHOP AND YARD, IN LYNSTEAD STREET, in occupation of Henry Smith; also the Old Anchor House, there let in Four dwellings, at rents amounting to £33 12s. per annum.
Lot 13.- A COTTAGE and GARDEN, in the occupation of Julius Newman.
Lot 14.- A COTTAGE, called the "Old School House," and a COTTAGE and GARDEN adjoining, in the occupation of Moses Baker, at rents amounting to £9 2s.
Lot 15.- A COTTAGE and HALF AN ACRE OF FRUIT PLANTATION, in LYNSTEAD STREET, in the occupation of William Reeve.
Lot 16.- A HOUSE, CARPENTERS SHOP, AND THREE COTTAGES, adjoining the Forge in LYNSTEAD STREET, with Three Plots of Garden Ground, adjoining, the whole producing a rent of £30 12s.
Lot 17.- A PIECE of ORCHARD GROUND, containing 3a. 1r. 12p., called "Lynsted Street Orchard".
Lot 18.- TWO PIECES of ARABLE LAND near Lynstead Street, containing 2a. 2r. 10p., in the occupation of - Baring Esq.
The above lots are all freehold, and a purchaser may have possession at Michaelmas next. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Wightwick, Kingsford, and Fraser, solicitors, Canterbury and Ashford."

Auction - advertised 20th July 1901 - "THE NOUDS ESTATE UNDER THE HAMMER"

Reported in the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald of 20th July 1901

One of the most important sales of landed property ever held in East Kent took place on Friday afternoon at the Foresters hall, Sittingbourne, this building having been selected as there was no sale room in the town affording sufficient accommodation for an auction sale of this importance. The property offered was the well-known Nouds estate, situate in the parishes of Lynsted, Teynham, Norton, Bapchild, and Doddington, in a favoured fruit and hop district. The property was for many years owned and occupied by the late Mr. Philip Barling, who resided at Nouds. It now came under the hammer by the instructions of the trustees, and with the approbation of the Court of Chancery. The estate covers an area of 504a. 3r. 23p. of fertile land, including some of the choicest orchards in Kent, the gross income last year being about £3,165, exclusive of the woodland.

The sale was conducted by Messrs. Cobb, of 53, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, and Higham, Rochester, and the hall was well filled. Mr. Cobb opened the proceedings by briefly mentioning the chief characteristics of the Nouds estate, and then submitted the property which was cut up into suitable lots,, it being considered that it would thereby meet with a more ready sale. Following were the results:-

Lots 1 and 2, consisted of a desirable holding of fertile land, with picturesque farm house, known as Bogle, homestead of agricultural buildings, and two cottages and gardens, the whole, with nearly ten acres of prolific orchards, covering an area of 23a. 0r.11p., in the parish of Lynsted, a short distance from Greenstreet. Bogle with surrounding land, containing 17a. 1r. 13p., was started at £1,200, and was sold at £1,900 to Mr. G.A. Filmer, the tenant. The second lot, and orchard, two cottages, and garden, covering an area of 5a. 2r.38p., realized £1,250, Mr. Charles Millen, of Greenstreet, being the buyer.
Lot 3, a block of three cottages, with gardens, adjoining the above, made £320, Mr. C. Millen securing the property.
Lots 4, 5, 6, and 7 comprised four pieces of productive arable land, situate close to Lot 3, and containing together 34a. 2r.3p., with farmhouse, divided into four tenements, known as Malthouse Cottages. Lot 4, School House Field and Cottages were passed at £1,400. Lot 6, Malthouse Seven Acres, reached £650, and was then withdrawn. Milsted Field (Lot 7) was started at £200, and was sold at £420 to Mr. E. Rayner, the occupier.
Lots 8 and 9 were Races, a small enclosure of orchard land and brick-built house, with a neat block of agricultural building, and two pieces of orchard, the whole covering an area of 6a.0r.6p. situate at Cellar hill, Lynsted, Races made £400, Mr. J. French, of Greenstreet, being the buyer. Lot 9, house, buildings, and orchard land, the whole containing 41.2r.16p., at Cellar hill, was started at £600, and after a spirited competition was knocked down for £1,700 to Mr. J.R. Goodwin, the tenant.
Lots 10, 11, 12, and 13 were the four well-known prolific orchards, Cellar hill, Doctors, Nailbourne, Young Plantation, and Ned Moss, containing together, with three cottages and gardens, 39a. 1r. 16p., situate close to Greenstreet, in the parish of Lynsted. The Cellar Hill and Doctors Orchards, with tree cottages and gardens (Lot 10) were started at £1,000, but withdrawn at £2,200. Nailbourne Orchard (13a.1r.9p), described by the auctioneer as the finest cherry orchard ever put before a local audience, was started at £2,700, and was sold for £3,650 to Mr. Edward Knowles, of Faversham. Young Plantation (8a.2r.35p), another choice orchard, was started at £1,000, but withdrawn at £2,000. Lot 13, Ned Moss's Orchard (9a.0r.12p.) received an initial bid of £700, but at £1,350 was withdrawn.
Lot 14 was Newhouse Farm, situate within a short distance from Greenstreet, comprising farmhouse, six cottage, oast-house, three sets of agricultural building, and various enclosures of excellent hop, arable, and woodland, and about 15 acres of productive orchards, the whole covering an area of 123a. 3r. 38p., well adapted for the growth of fruit and hops, and forming a compact holding in this favoured district. This lot was started at £6,000 and sold at £8,200 to Mr. John Thomas, of Greenstreet.
Lot 15 comprised two celebrated orchards, known as Great Cherry and Percivals, with pair of cottages and gardens, and fruit store, situate adjoining Nouds House and portion of Lot 1, containing together 14a.0r.9p of productive arable land, well adapted for the growth of fruit, known as Blacklands, opposite part of Lot 14, and abutting the road leading from Bogle to Tickham. A bid of £400 was made, and the lot was withdrawn at £600.
Lot 17 consisted of Tickham Farm, a desirable holding of arable and woodland, with an excellent orchard of nearly eight acres in full bearing, four cottages, and homestead of agricultural buildings, the whole covering an area of 46a.2r.3p., situate at Tickham in the Parish of Lynsted. This lot was stared at £2,000, but was passed at £2,750.
Lot 18, a block of four cottages, adjoining Lot 17, was started at £250, and was sold at £375 to Mr. G. Gardiner, of Faversham, the tenant.
Lot 19Little Norton Wood, situate in the parish of Lynsted, and containing together 1a.0r.21p., was sold for £25, Colonel Tyler being the buyer.
Lots 20 and 21 comprised Monk' Farm, a compact little holding of arable and orchard land, with farmhouse and agricultural buildings, situate in the parishes of Lynsted and Norton; also a small piece of arable land, known as Punchbowl, adjoining Stuppington Cottages, in the parish of Doddington, the whole containing 31a.0r.37p. Monks Farm did not receive a bid. Lot 21 was sold for £25 to Mr. C.Sherlock.
Lot 22 consisted of Sewards Farm and comprised old fashioned farmhouse, at present divided into five tenements, ample buildings, and a compact holding of fruit, arable, and woodland, including orchards well known for the quantity and quality of their produce, the whole covering an area of 148a.2r.1p., situate in the parishes of Lynsted and Bapchild, close to the village of Lynsted. this, another choice lot, was started at £5,000, and at £7,700 was knocked down to Mr. W. Goodhew, Sittingbourne, for Mr. G.A.H. Smith, the occupier of the farm.
Lot 23Lynsted Street Orchard, containing 3a.2r.6p., situate in the village of Lynsted close to the Church, was started at £500, and at £1,225 was sold to Mr. G.A.H. Smith, for Mr. S. Fuller, Lynsted.
Lots 24 and 25 were house, shop, picturesque dwelling, formerly known as Anchor House, now divided into four tenements, cottage buildings, and gardens, situate in the centre of the village of Lynsted, opposite the church, also a pair of cottages and 1r.24p. of fruit plantation adjoining. Anchor House was started at £300, and was sold for £525 to Mr. George Smith. The two cottages and piece of fruit land made £320, Mr. J.J. Dence being the purchaser.
Lot 26 was Old Park, an enclosure of accommodation land, with two gardens, situate in an elevated position on dry subsoil, in the village of Lynsted, containing together 13a.2r.6p., suitable for building purposes. This property was started at £300, but was passed at £650.
Lot 27 comprised house, builder's shop and yard, three cottages and gardens, with well, situate opposite Lot 24 and the Church, covering an area of 3r.34p. Starting at £300, the bidding advanced to £640, at which price Mr. T. Back, the tenant, secured it. Pett Wood, close to Scuttington, in the parish of Bapchild, containing 1a.2r.28p., made £80, Mr. J. Pilcher being the buyer.

Altogether the sale realised £29,974.

Mr Cobb afterwards put up a small freehold property, adjoining lot 22 in the Nouds Estate sale, consisting of 4½ acres of orchard land, with cottage and garden, which made £500, Mr. C. Mount, of Murston, being the purchaser."

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