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Lynsted Churchyard Data Card
CARD Number
Inscription & Additional Information
114, 115 & 116
Footstones 114-W.E.W. and E.E.W., 115-J.W., 116-J.W.

No114 Footstone
W. E. W 1845
E. E .W 1848

No115 Footstone
J. W. 1884

No116 Footstone
J. W 1887

No114 - Sandstone footstone with with curved top

No115 - Marble footstone with gothic arched top

No116 - Marble footstone with curved top, leaded lettering and border

Setting for Loose Footstones 114, 115, and 116

[Society Note 10/12/20: from Parish Records:-
* W.E.W. William Edwin Wilkins (infant, born 1842; died 6th December; buried 14th December 1845);
* E.E.W. Elizabeth Emily Wilkins (infant, born 1844; died 13th February 1848; buried 22nd February 1848);
* J.W. 1884, either John Wanstall or James Wilson;
* J.W. 1887, either James Watts or John Jannett.]

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