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Lynsted Churchyard Data Card
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Inscription & Additional Information
Mary Dence, daughter of John and Mary Dence

In memory of
MARY, daughter of
of this parish who departed
this life the 15th of February
1810, aged 27 years.
"Both friends and parents dear I bid adieu
I leave this world great God and fly to you
My body unmouldering in this dust doth lie
Now I am gone to give account at last
For all the good and evil done and past
I must appear before that gracious God
Who doth us punish with His heavy rod
My Lord my God I've put my trust in Thee
In hopes that You would mercy show to me
I do forgive and hope to be forgiven
To rest in peace with holy saints in Heaven"

Limestone headstone with stepped, curved top

Setting for the headstone of Mary Dence, daughter of John and Mary Dence

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