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Lynsted Churchyard Data Card
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Inscription & Additional Information
THomas and Ann Wright

to the memory of
of this parish
who departed this life
the 9th of July 1817
aged 32 years.
Left a widow to her irreparable loss.
With patience to the last he did submit
and murmur'd not at what the Lord thought fit .
He with Christian courage did resign
his soul to God at his appointed time.
Short was his life, long is his rest
God called him hence when he thought best .
Repent in time, make no delay
in the bloom of life he was caught away.
Also of ANN his widow
who died the 17th of April 1834
aged 49 years.

Limestone headstone with stepped, curved top and incised border and limestone bodystone on a plinth

Reverse of the headstone for THomas and Ann Wright

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