Census Data - 1891 (5th April)


The General Register Office was responsible for taking the census, so it used the administrative framework already in place for the registration of births, marriages and deaths. The Superintendent Registrar was responsible for collecting the returns from each Registrar of Births and Deaths in their registration district, and sending them to the Census Office in London. Each Registrar of Births and Deaths was responsible for a sub-district, which they divided into enumeration districts (EDs), and recruited enumerators for each ED.

Enumerators' schedules of returns made by heads of households, which include the names, age, sex, occupation and parish and county of birth of individual members of the population of England, Wales and the Channel Islands; included in this series are returns from ships of the Royal Navy at sea and in ports abroad.

Civil Parish of Municipal Borough of Municipal Ward of Urban Sanitary District of Town (Village or Hamlet, &c) of Rural Sanitary District of Parliamentary Borough or Division of Ecclesiastical Parish or District of    
Milton (part of     Milton (part of ) next Sittingbourne Milton next Sittingbourne   North East Kent Milton next Sittingbourne    
  Name   Relation to Head of Family Married, Widowed, Single Age   Rank, Profession or Occupation Birthplace  
  Given Names Surname     M F      
  Herbert Black Head Married 41   Workhouse Master London  
  Sarah Ann Black Wife Married   47 Workhouse Matron London  
  Harry Barnsley Officer Single 25   Workhouse Porter Bradfield Berks  
  Lewis Cheeseman Officer Single 48   Baker Sittingbourne Kent  
  Walter Woodhouse Officer Single 38   Shoemaker ?? London  
  William ? O'Leary Officer Single 27   Tailor Clogheen, Co. Tipperary  
  Frances Hoadley Officer Single   26 Workhouse Industrial Training Strood Kent  
  Derrick Hamden Officer Widower   38 Workhouse Labour M'shop Milton Kent  
  Mary Anderson Officer Single   47 Workhouse Nurse Saltcoats, Scotland  
  Annette Pearcey Officer Single   48 Workhouse Nurse Not Known  
Inmates Lucinda Hales Pauper Married   33   Selling Kent  
  Leola Beatrice Hales Pauper     11   Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Thomas Hales Pauper   8     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Annette Hales Pauper     6   Milton Kent  
  Jane Stiles Pauper Single   52 Personal Domestic Servant Rainham Kent  
  William Saywell Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  Arthur Horsey Pauper Single 25     Borden Kent Imbecile
  Mary Sladdocks Pauper Widow   49   Luton Kent  
  Allen Lusted Pauper Single 41   General Labourer Strood Kent  
  Edward Longrove Pauper Single 38   General Labourer Borden Kent  
  Robert Wright Pauper Widower 85   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Hollingbourne Kent  
  Edward Stockhouse Pauper Single 80   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  Catherine Medhurst Pauper Single   58   Bredgar Kent Blind
  Sarah Ashby Pauper Single   70 Field Work Ret. Bredgar Kent  
  Jerimiah Camwell Pauper Married 60   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Newnham Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P1...     13 12      
  Henry William Clark Pauper   11     Bredgar Kent  
  Charlotte Dean Pauper Widow   33   Minster, Sheppey Kent  
  Charlotte Dean Pauper     15   Sheerness Kent  
  William Dean Pauper   4     Halstow Lower Kent  
  Harriett Dean Pauper     12   Bobbing Kent  
  George Church Pauper Single 58   General Labourer Sheerness Kent  
  Eliza Ballen Pauper Widow   72 Ret. Seasonal Labourer Harwich, Essex  
  Emily Jane Williamson Pauper Widow   38   Halstow Kent  
  Susan Williamson Pauper     9   Halstow Kent  
  Kate Elizabeth Williamson Pauper     1   Halstow Kent  
  John Thomas Manton Pauper Married 62   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Halstow Lower Kent  
  Moses Hopkin Pauper Single 74   Ret. Seasonal Labourer Hucking Kent  
  John Andrews Pauper Single 68   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Shorne Kent  
  Letitia Coppins Pauper Widow   75   Dannsey Sussex  
  Michael Phillpot Pauper   15     Halstow Lower Kent Imbecile
  Luke Busbridge Pauper Married 75   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Gillingham Kent  
  William Belshaw Pauper Single 63   Ret. Railway Labourer Saffron Waldon Essex  
  Harriett Quaiffe Pauper Married   53   Cranbrook Kent  
  Charlotte Allwaters Pauper Widow   65 Ret. Nurse Frindsbury Kent  
  Elizabeth Barkaway Pauper Widow   73 Ret. Nurse Beccles Suffolk  
  Lydia Barkaway Pauper Single   42   Beccles Suffolk  
  Elizabeth Caruss Pauper Single   67   Crayford Kent Lunatic
  Hady Cummins Pauper Single 51   Agricultural Labourer Mayo Ireland Blind
  Emma Daniels Pauper Widow   57 Hospital Nurse Sick Canterbury Kent  
  George Daniels Pauper Single 27   Painter Canterbury Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P2...     11 14      
  Unknown Unknown Pauper Single 40   General Labourer Not Known Deaf and Dumb
  Lily Gertrude Hudson Pauper     14   Milton Kent  
  George Ford Pauper Widower 71   Ret. General Labourer Mayfield Sussex  
  Earmina Sannith Pauper Single   27   Milton Sittingbourne Kent Imbecile
  James Blascland Pauper Married 54   General Labourer Milton Kent  
  Stephen Hopkins Pauper Single 18     Milton Kent  
  William Clarke Pauper   14     Milton Kent Imbecile
  Edward Stolles Pauper   14     Milton Kent  
  Sarah Stolles Pauper     11   Milton Kent  
  Thomas Brisley Pauper Widower 75   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Milton Kent  
  Anne White Pauper Single   30   Milton Kent  
  Lydia White Pauper     11   Milton Kent  
  William Featherstone Pauper   14     Milton Kent  
  Sarah Hodger Pauper Widow   56 Agri. Field Work Bobbing Kent  
  Charles Milway Pauper Widower 89   Ret. Dredge-Man Milton Kent  
  Thomas Rayner Pauper Widower 76   Ret. Dredge-Man Milton Kent  
  Charles Rayner Pauper Widower 86   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Borden Kent  
  Henry Rayner Pauper Married 61   Ret. Janitor London  
  Elizabeth Coulhide Pauper Widow   63   Minster Sheppey Kent  
  William Hubbard Pauper Widower 73   Agricultural Labourer Ewhurst Sussex  
  John King Pauper Single 71   Ret. Mariner Milton Kent  
  James Chappell Pauper Single 81   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent  
  William Brisley Pauper Widower 71   Ret. General Labourer Milton Kent  
  Henry Brandford Pauper Single 48   Baker Faversham Kent  
  Mary Jury Pauper Widow   93   Yalding Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P3...     17 8      
  Mary Jane Phipps Pauper Widow   75   Milton Kent  
  Agnes Torrington Pauper     8   Milton Kent  
  Ada Torrington Pauper     7   Milton Kent  
  Mary Shrubsall Pauper Married   47   Gillingham Kent  
  Herbert Rossiter Pauper   14     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Charles Coulter Pauper Single 58   Brickfield Labourer Halstow Kent  
  Mary Box Pauper Widow   59   Teynham Kent  
  Eliza Hood Pauper Widow   75   Milton Kent  
  George Henry Dawes Pauper Widower 62   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Romford Essex  
  George Gansy Pauper Married 71   Ret. Sawyer Tunbridge Kent  
  George Hade Pauper Widower 54   Tailor Orford Suffolk  
  George Wassard Pauper Married 75   Ret. Blacksmith Faversham Kent  
  William Burgess Pauper Widower 79   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Lenham Kent  
  Thomas Coggan Pauper Single 50   Tailor Hartlip Kent  
  Jesse Beaching Pauper Widower 64   Ret. Bricklayer's Labourer Stockbury Kent  
  Solomon Sellen Pauper Married 69   Ret. General Labourer Milstead Kent  
  Thomas Harris Spicers Pauper Single 69   Ret. Shoemaker London  
  David Bassant Pauper Single 69   Ret. General Labourer Ospringe Kent  
  Richard Marsh Pauper Married 59   Bricklayer Faversham Kent  
  Thomas Adams Pauper Widower 76   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Milton Kent  
  Thomas Kendal Pauper Widower 74   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Brenchley Kent  
  Thomas Taylor Pauper Widower 66   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  William Saywell Pauper Married 64   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  John Jackson Pauper Widower 69   Ret. General Labourer Frome Somerset  
  Charles Hadlum Pauper Married 65   Ret. Basketmaker Elham Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P4...     19 6      
  Edward Coombes Pauper Married 50   Agricultural Labourer Aldington Kent  
  William Barrett Pauper Married 55   General Labourer Milton Kent  
  Mary Ann Hoaling Pauper Married   54 Shirt Seamstress Halesford Ireland  
  William Board Pauper Single 39   Bargeman Throwley Kent  
  Henry Holmes Pauper Single 25     Milton Kent Imbecile
  Mary Cheeseman Pauper Married   32   Shorne Kent  
  George Cheeseman Pauper   9     Shorne Kent  
  Lucia Cheeseman Pauper     3   Shorne Kent  
  Joshua Cheeseman Pauper   <6 mths     Milton Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Hamble Pauper Single 45   Bargeman Milton Kent  
  Julia Barrington Pauper Widow   70 Ret. Seamstress St. Kitts West Indies  
  Mark Fletcher Pauper Married 72   Ret. Licensed Hawker Worcester  
  Harriett Fletcher Pauper Married   77   Birmingham  
  Mary Hope Pauper Married   49   Harrow Middlesex  
  Leonard Hope Pauper   12     Hounslow Middlesex  
  Edward Hope Pauper   11     Hounslow Middlesex  
  George Hope Pauper   3     Gravesend Kent  
  William Hope Pauper   <6 mths     Milton Sittingbourne  
  George Blair Pauper Single 34   General Labourer Milton Kent  
  Thomas Smith Pauper Single 27   General Labourer Ballykinn Co. Mayo Ireland  
  Sarah Williams Pauper Widow   77   Milton Kent  
  John Featherstone Pauper Single 18   General Labourer Milton Kent  
  Annie Elizabeth Sales Pauper Married   40   Maidstone Kent  
  Elizabeth Sarah Sales Pauper     8   Maidstone Kent  
  Sydney Sales Pauper   5     Maidstone Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P5...     16 9      
  Frederick Sales Pauper   5     Hollingbourne Kent  
  James Featherstone Pauper Single 16     Milton Kent  
  William Geo. Knock Pauper Single 33   General Labourer Canterbury Kent  
  Henry Broadbridge Pauper Widower 73   Ret. General Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Anderson Pauper   13     Strood Kent  
  William Howe Pauper Widower 79   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Lenham Kent  
  Thomas Knight Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Hartlip Kent  
  William Wellar Pauper Widower 69   Ret. General Labourer Newington Kent  
  Isabella Rook Pauper Widow   61 Ret. Seamstress Wick Scotland  
  George Summers Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Shoemaker Rochester Kent  
  Sarah Saunders Pauper Single   29   Rainham Kent  
  Ann Wilson Pauper Widow   75   Sheerness Kent  
  James Baker Pauper Widower 75   Ret. Bricklayer Strood Kent  
  Isaac Mantle Pauper Widower 80   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Rainham Kent  
  Henry Honey Pauper Single 52   Baker Rainham Kent  
  John Tadman Pauper Widower 74   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Rainham Kent  
  Stephen Radcliffe Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Lower Sutton Kent  
  Thomas Wood Pauper Widower 79   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Newington Kent  
  Thomas Kitney Pauper Married 65   Ret. General Labourer Rainham Kent  
  Elizabeth Wheatley Pauper Widow   91   Rainham Kent  
  George Schwedler Pauper Married 56   Painter Ellsoff Germany  
  Jane Honey Pauper Single   53   Rainham Kent  
  John Longhurst Pauper   15     Rainham Kent  
  William Longhurst Pauper   12     Rainham Kent  
  Annie Chambers Pauper     7   Milton Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P6...     19 6      
  Mary Anne Sage Pauper Widow   85   Milton Kent  
  Charles Fairboard Pauper Widower 73   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Lynsted Kent  
  Mary Barney Pauper Widow   79   Hollingbourne Kent  
  Jane Saunders Pauper Widow   73 Ret. Field Work Ramsay Sussex  
  John Wood Pauper Single 53   General Labourer Sittingbourne Kent Imbecile
  Mary Watkins Pauper Widow   68   Borden Kent  
  Edward Turner Pauper Single 72   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  Alfred Roberts Pauper Single 25     Sittingbourne Kent Blind
  James Brown Pauper Widower 65   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Thomas Reason Pauper Single 70   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Canterbury Kent Blind
  Eliza Elizabeth Railler Pauper     14   Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Roberts Pauper   9     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Ellen Ball Pauper     12   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Eliza Ball Pauper     9   Sittingbourne Kent  
  James Rayne Pauper Widower 86   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Borden Kent  
  Minnie Hanie Pauper Married   34   Broadwater Sussex  
  Rose Wood Pauper     12   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Elizabeth Wood Pauper     10   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Mary Ann Batchelor Pauper Single   50   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Rachel Knott Pauper Widow   75 Ret. Nurse Newington Kent  
  George Berry Pauper Widower 80   Ret. Baker Sittingbourne Kent  
  Harriett Jennings Pauper Widow   76 Ret. Laundress Mayfield Sussex  
  Anne Anderson Pauper Widow   86   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Edith Laura Gilbert Pauper     13   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Laura Gilbert Pauper     10   Gillingham Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P7...     9 16      
  Mary Anne Gibbs Pauper Single   63 Ret. Field Work Roselden Kent  
  George Thomas Pauper Single 68   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Rodmersham Kent  
  Thomas Miller Pauper Single 64   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Carpenter Pauper Single 69   Ret. General Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  James Moss Pauper Single 57   General Labourer Leysdown Kent  
  Henry Willis Pauper Single 33   General Labourer Teynham Kent  
  Henry Hughes Pauper Married 67   Ret. General Labourer Milstead Kent  
  James Matthews Pauper   14     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Alfred Matthews Pauper   12     Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Taylor Pauper Widower 65   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  Frances Roots Pauper Widow   74 Ret. Laundress Lower Hawling Kent  
  John Wiliams Pauper Widower 75   Ret. ?? ?? Perth Scotland  
  Mary Collins Pauper Widow   83 Ret. Nurse Morora Ireland  
  Millicent Barrett Pauper Single   29   Halesworth Suffolk  
  Frank Barrett Pauper   8     Milton Kent  
  Sarah Anne Lee Pauper Single   25   Canterbury Kent  
  Henry George Lee Pauper   1     Milton Kent  
  George Clegg Pauper Married 68   Ret. Tailor Rochdale Lancashire  
  Elizabeth Clegg Pauper Married   63   Bishop's Stortford Herts  
  Frederick Little Pauper Single 61   Ret. General Labourer Murston Kent  
  Alfred Marshall Pauper Single 45   Workman - Domestic Servant Sittingbourne Kent  
  Charles Trice Pauper Single 64   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Detling Kent  
  Lilly Pritchard Pauper     11   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Eliza Brather Pauper Single   44   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Leonard Forster Pauper Widower 77   Ret. General Labourer Boughton under Blean Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P8..     17 8      
  William Mallett Pauper Single 63   Ret. Grocer's Porter Mulharbour Norfolk  
  Albert Anderson Pauper Single 17     Sittingbourne Kent Imbecile
  George Beverstow Pauper Single 17     Faversham Kent  
  Samuel Hellar Pauper Widower 75   Ret. General Labourer Tong Kent  
  William Coves Pauper Widower 73   Ret. General Labourer Tovil Kent  
  Thomas Burd Pauper Widower 84   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Leighton Huntingdon  
  William Rickwood Pauper Married 63   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Doddington Kent  
  George Haughton Pauper Married 64   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Oare Kent  
  Mary Haughton Pauper Married   63   Castlebar Ireland  
  Thomas Harris Pauper Married 72   Ret. Hairdresser Knighton Wales Blind
  Thomas Wickens Pauper Widower 69   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Meopham Kent  
  Rosella Collins Pauper     6   Sittingbourne Kent  
  John Thomas Collins Pauper   9     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Robert Collins Pauper   8     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Ada Collins Pauper     5   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Thomas Knight Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Otham Kent ??
  Stephen Cogger Pauper Widower 67   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  Fanny Rogers Pauper Single   20 Agricultural Field Worker Sittingbourne Kent  
  Elizabeth Gurr Pauper Widow   70   Northfleet Kent  
  Alfred May Pauper Single 51     Borden Kent Imbecile
  Elizabeth Emma Cossey Pauper     12   Maidstone Kent  
  John Spice Pauper Single 85   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Tunstall Kent  
  John Curling Pauper Widower 87   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Throwley Kent  
  Charles Dennis Pauper   15     Upchurch Kent  
  Annie Dennis Pauper     12   Upchurch Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P9...     18 7      
  Thomas Taylor Pauper Single 63   Ret. Bargeman Upchurch Kent Blind
  Sheryia Edwards Pauper Widow   59   Warren Kent Blind
  Mary Anne Williamson Pauper Widow   82 Ret. Field Worker Halstow Kent  
  Herbert Morgan Pauper   13     Halstow Lower Kent  
  Richard Pearson Pauper Single 68   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Yalding Kent  
  Edmund Stubbersfield Pauper Widower 79   Ret. General Labourer Chatham Kent  
  William Hales Pauper Widower 87   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Stockbury Kent  
  James Fordham Pauper Single 19   General Labourer Erith Kent  
  Stephen Hedgecock Pauper Single 71   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Upchurch Kent  
  Eliza Brazier Pauper Single   65 Ret. Field Worker Chelmsford Essex  
  Mary Anne Richardson Pauper Single   26 General Domestic Servant Upchurch Kent  
  John Clark Pauper   10     Bredgar Kent  
  Elizabeth Dean Pauper     13   Milton Kent  
  William Kitney Pauper Single 69   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Rainham Kent  
  Stephen Rarther Pauper   10     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Thomas Rask Pauper Widower 65   Ret. Shoemaker Sloth Suffolk  
  Gladys Kain Pauper     7   Sheerness Kent  
  William Harrison Pauper Widower 56   Fish Hawker At sea - Halstow  
  Jerrard Beacoll Pauper   9     Not Known  
  John Cox Vagrant Single 58   General Labourer London  
  William Smith Vagrant Single 51   Bricklayer's Labourer Jersey  
  William Turner Vagrant Single 51   General Labourer Northampton  
  Thomas Makless? Vagrant Single 50   General Labourer Brighton Sussex  
  Henry Gable Vagrant Single 32   General Labourer Lewisham Kent  
  Frank Watson Vagrant Single 42   Butcher Staplehurst Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P10...     19 6      
  Henry Mason Vagrant Single 37   Bricklayer's Labourer London  
  Thomas Walker Vagrant Single 26   General Labourer Bristol  
  John Martin Vagrant Single 55   Agricultural Engineer Lewisham Kent  
  Henry Bridge Vagrant Single 42   General Labourer Sydenham Kent  
  William Taylor Vagrant Single 50   General Labourer Staplehurst Kent  
  Thomas Prior Vagrant Single 29   Agricultural Labourer Chelmsford Essex  
  Michael Rower Vagrant Married 48   Bricklayer's Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Margaret Rower Vagrant Married   47   Waterford Ireland  
  Graham Mills Vagrant Single 22   General Labourer Folkestone Kent  
  William White Vagrant Single 67   General Labourer Brighton Sussex  
  John Cutter Vagrant Single 60   General Labourer Woolwich Kent  
  Mary White Vagrant Single   55 Shirt seamstress Not Known  
  Harriett Brown Vagrant Single   66 Ret. Field Worker Waterford Ireland  
  Louisa Hodges Vagrant Single   55   London  
  Mary Anne Mason Vagrant Single   27   London  
  Ellen Larkin Vagrant Married   39 Agricultural Field Worker Greenwich Kent  
  John Larkin Vagrant   6     Beckenham Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P11...     11 6      


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