Census Data - 1901 (31st March)


The General Register Office was responsible for taking the census, so it used the administrative framework already in place for the registration of births, marriages and deaths. The Superintendent Registrar was responsible for collecting the returns from each Registrar of Births and Deaths in their registration district, and sending them to the Census Office in London. Each Registrar of Births and Deaths was responsible for a sub-district, which they divided into enumeration districts (EDs), and recruited enumerators for each ED.

  Name   Relation to Head of Family Married, Widowed, Unmarried Age   Rank, Profession or Occupation Birthplace  
  Given Names Surname     M F      
Staff Herbert Black Head Married 61   Workhouse Local Master London Middlesex  
  Sarah Ann Black Wife Married   60 Workhouse Matron London Surrey  
  Catherine Elizabeth Seager Domestic Servant Single   66 Domestic Servant Malta British Dependency  
  Edward George Charwell Officer Single 27   Workhouse Clerk Great Oakley Essex  
  James John Arnold Officer Single 24   Workhouse Porter Chilham Kent  
  Harris Cheeseman Officer Single 62   Workhouse Cook Sittingbourne Kent  
  Walter Woodhouse Officer Single 50   Workhouse Superintendent Labour Froom Herefordshire  
  Alfred Henry Lyons Officer Single 38   Workhouse Boys' Trainer Faversham Kent  
  Venus Hamden Officer Widow   54 Workhouse Assistant Matron Milton Sittingbourne Kent  
  Clara Jane Taylor Officer Single   44 Workhouse Superintendent Labour Bobbing Kent  
  Mary Jane Anderson Officer Single   64 Workhouse Nurse Saltcoats Ayrshire Scotland  
  Hannah Yubb Officer Single   35 Workhouse Girls' Trainer Birmingham Warwickshire  
  Lucy Ophelia Short Officer Single   40 Workhouse Nurse Compton Hallows Derbyshire  
  Emma Elizabeth Cornford Officer Widow   47 Workhouse Nurse Minster Sheppey Kent  
  William Smith Pauper Married 36   Brickfield Labourer Rainham Kent  
  Hannah Smith Pauper Married   34   Erith Kent  
  Reuben Smith Pauper   4     Upchurch Kent  
  George Smith Pauper   2     Upchurch Kent  
  William Smith Pauper   11     Erith Kent  
  Mary Webster Pauper Widow   50 Agricultural Field Worker Chelsea London  
  Rose Moor Pauper Widow   50 Agricultural Field Worker London  
  Elizabeth Ward Pauper Widow   49 Agricultural Field Worker London  
  Annie O'Brien Pauper Widow   35 Agricultural Field Worker London  
  Frederick Brown Pauper Single 58   General Labourer Hastings Sussex  
    Total of Males and Females p1 ...     11 13      
  James Green Pauper Single 66   Ret. General Labourer Buckingham Buckinghamshire  
  William Maker Pauper Widower 47   Chimney Sweep Rochester Kent  
  Thomas Muttocks Pauper Widower 64   Ret. General Labourer Eye Suffolk  
  William Davis Pauper Widower 58   General Labourer On the Sea  
  John Williams Pauper Single 39   General Labourer Preston Lancashire  
  William Taylor Pauper Married 33   General Labourer Burslem Staffordshire  
  Harriett Taylor Wife of above Married   22   Burslem Staffordshire  
  Mary Riley Pauper Widow   63 Ret. Agricultural Field Worker Limerick Ireland  
  Ellen Hood Pauper Widow   54 Agricultural Field Worker Deal Kent  
  Mary Clark Pauper Widow   72 Ret. Field Worker Cork Ireland  
  Henry Scott Pauper Widower 84   Ret. Carter on Farm Ospringe Kent  
  Thomas Macklin Pauper Widower 75   Ret. Horseman on Farm Tong Kent  
  Sarah Yates Pauper Single   29 Domestic Servant Eastchurch Kent  
  May Yates Pauper     9   Eastchurch Kent  
  Dora Violet Yates Pauper     01-Dec   Milton Kent  
  Elizabeth Back Pauper Widow   71   Harrietsham Kent  
  George Rogers Pauper   12     Borden Kent  
  George Crookes Pauper Widower 56   General Labourer Southwark London  
  Charles Taylor Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Aylesford Kent  
  George Austen Pauper Widower 70   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Isle of Sheppey Kent  
  Matilda Hughes Pauper Widow   79   Bredgar Kent  
  George Swann Pauper   69   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Challock Kent  
  Charlotte Dean Pauper Widow   42 Field Worker Isle of Sheppey Kent  
  Charlotte Dean Pauper Single   24   Iwade Kent  
  Elizabeth Dean Pauper Single   19   Milton Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P2 ...     13 12      
  George Church Pauper Single 67   Ret. General Labourer Halstow Kent  
  Emily Williamson Pauper Widow   49 Field Worker Halstow Kent  
  Susan Williamson Pauper Single   19   Halstow Kent  
  Kate Williamson Pauper Single   17   Halstow Kent  
  William Hobbs Pauper Widower 65   Ret. General Labourer Canterbury Kent  
  William Woodrow Pauper Married 82   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Diss Norfolk  
  Mary Woodrow Pauper Wife of above   83   Diss Norfolk  
  Thady Chandna Pauper Single 65   Ret. General Labourer Mayo Ireland Blind
  Emma Daniels Pauper Widow   76 Ret. Domestic Nurse Canterbury Kent  
  George Daniels Pauper Single 36   Painter Portsmouth Hampshire  
  Samuel Duimner Pauper Single 54   General Labourer Milton Kent  
  Emma Smith Pauper Single   36   Milton Kent  
  Henry Page Pauper Widower 70   Ret. Painter Pimlico London  
  George Bassant Pauper Married 82   Ret. General Labourer Milton Kent  
  George Wade Pauper Widower 63   Ret. Tailor Orford Suffolk  
  William Barnett Pauper Married 44   Brickfield Labourer Bapchild Kent  
  Emma Henshaw Pauper Single   14   Upchurch Kent  
  Frances Pollard Pauper Single   66   Maidstone Kent  
  Alice Brummage Pauper     13   Milton Kent  
  Mary Ann Phipps Pauper Widow   85   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Alfred Saywell Pauper Single 64   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Mary Rickwood Pauper Widow   68 Ret. Laundress Murston Kent  
  Mary Brown Pauper Widow   85   Milton Kent  
  Thomas Taylor Pauper Widower 77   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  James Sheatfield Pauper Widower 72   Ret. Sawyer Chatham Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P3 ...     13 12      
  Thomas Ford Pauper Single 67   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Walmer Kent  
  Michael Goatham Pauper Married 66   Ret. Carpenter Bredgar Kent  
  Thomas Prince Pauper Widower 79   Ret. Shoemaker Putney London  
  Charles Marden Pauper Widower 75   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Bobbing Kent  
  Sarah Hodge Pauper Widow   65 Field Worker Bobbing Kent  
  Mary Ann Hollis Pauper Widow   71   Milton Kent  
  Stephen Masters Pauper Single 76   Ret. Carriage Painter Sittingbourne Kent  
  Aimee White Pauper Single   39   Milton Kent  
  Frank White Pauper   5     Milton Kent  
  Harry White Pauper   2     Milton Kent  
  Elizabeth Nonidge Pauper     11   Milton Kent  
  Emma Nonidge Pauper     9   Milton Kent  
  Henry Scales Pauper Widower 88   Ret. Block Maker Bromley Kent  
  James Bashbrook Pauper Widower 66   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Rochester Kent  
  Ann Hayhoe Pauper Widow   66   Upnor Kent  
  Edward Payne Pauper Single 68   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent  
  David James Bailey Pauper Married 55   Brickfield Labourer Stoke Suffolk  
  Thomas Jackson Pauper Married 78   Ret. Mariner Milton Kent  
  Charles Coulter Pauper Single 67   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Halstow Kent  
  Elizabeth Emptage Pauper Single   66   Queenborough Kent  
  Rose Butler Pauper     14   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Elizabeth Butler Pauper     13   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Edward Butler Pauper   10     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Annie Butler Pauper     8   Sittingbourne Kent  
  James Mills Pauper Married 83   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Borden Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P4 ...     15 10      
  Emma Mills Pauper Married   83   London  
  William Taylor Pauper Widower 71   Ret. General Labourer Bredgar Kent  
  Henry Austen Pauper Single 46   Gardener Domestic Milton Kent  
  William Holmes Pauper Married 66   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Buckland Dover Kent  
  Francis George Pauper Married 71   Ret. General Labourer Milton Kent  
  John Wilson Pauper Single 46   Bargeman Sittingbourne Kent  
  Alfred Matthews Pauper Single 59   Agricultural Labourer Bapchild Kent  
  Eliza Milway Pauper Widow   76   Milton Kent  
  Elizabeth Hayward Pauper Widow   67   Sittingbourne Kent  
  George Waters Pauper Single 63   Ret. General Labourer Stockbury Kent  
  Maria Mount Pauper Widow   84   Gravesend Kent  
  George Day Pauper Widower 66   Ret. Sailor Birmingham Warwickshire  
  Peter Ford Pauper Single 71   Ret. General Labourer Milton Kent  
  William Check Pauper Widower 70   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Braintree Essex  
  Henry Stevens Pauper Married 52   Brickfield Labourer Faversham Kent  
  William Saywell Pauper Widower 70   Ret. General Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Charles Cluny Pauper Single 70   Ret. General Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Edward Thomas Pauper Single 62   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  William Allen Pauper Single 56   Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent  
  Abigail Brown Pauper     5   Milton Kent  
  Charles Arthur Wells Pauper Widower 66   Ret. Shoemaker Dublin Ireland  
  John Moyse Pauper Widower 86   Ret. Shoemaker Milton Kent  
  Mary Fanniger Pauper Widow   63   Hull Yorkshire  
  Henry Polse Pauper Married 53   General Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  Thomas Humphries Pauper Single 39   General Labourer New Brompton Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P5 ...     19 6      
  Fanny Elsden Pauper Single   41   Milton Kent  
  William Sonell Pauper Married 60   Ret. Fish Hawker Dartford Kent  
  Ellen Brown Pauper Single   50   Lewisham London  
  Ellen Austen Pauper Widow   62   Bexhill Sussex  
  Rebecca Girling Pauper Widow   56   Wickham Market Suffolk  
  John Edward Danes Pauper Single 50   General Labourer Milton Kent  
  John Lambert Pauper Widower 70   Ret. General Labourer Lambeth London  
  Henry William Beesley Pauper Widower 37   Butler Domestic Bray Berkshire  
  John Goble Pauper Married 64   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Newington Kent  
  John Bowles Pauper Widower 68   Ret. Shoemaker Dover Kent  
  Amelia Emma Banics Pauper     14   Milton Kent  
  John Thomas Banics Pauper   13     Milton Kent  
  Ethel Rose Banics Pauper     10   Milton Kent  
  Henrietta Grace Banics Pauper     8   Milton Kent  
  William Beard Pauper Single 45   Bargeman Throwley Kent  
  Charlotte Donington Pauper Married   40   Canterbury Kent  
  Thomas Thursford Donington Pauper   8     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Lottie Bertha Donington Pauper     7   Sittingbourne Kent  
  George Taylor Pauper Single 62   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Cranbrook Kent  
  Thomas Busbridge Pauper Widower 64   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent  
  John Clinch Pauper Single 63   Ret. General Labourer Rodmersham Kent  
  James Gurr Pauper Widower 68   Ret. General Labourer Gravesend Kent  
  Hannah Rockliffe Pauper Widow   70   Southampton Hampshire  
  George Thomas Halker Pauper Widower 88   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Throwley Kent  
  Thomas Henry Burrill Pauper Widower 48   General Labourer Gillingham Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P6 ...     15 10      
  Alice Fagg Pauper Single   28   Dover Kent  
  Lidy Ridgway Pauper Widow   63   Brighton Sussex  
  Frederick Beeching Pauper   1     Milton Kent  
  James Bolton Pauper Widower 65   Ret. General Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  Mary Ann Roberts Pauper Single   38 Field Worker London  
  Edward Hartridge Pauper Widower 49   Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent  
  John Cripps Pauper Married 67   Ret. General Labourer Iwade Kent  
  Sarah Lyons Pauper Widow   54   Milton Kent  
  Bertha Fanington Pauper Single   18   Sittingbourne Kent Feeble-minded
  Mary Ann Curtis Pauper Single   61 Ret. Field Worker Borden Kent  
  James James Pauper Single 56   General Labourer Canterbury Kent  
  Charles Wilkins Pauper Single 76   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Cockermouth Cumberland  
  William Brooker Pauper Widower 59   General Labourer Pimlico London  
  Robert Wood Pauper Single 61   Ret. General Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Nathaniel Bricknell Pauper Single 61   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Northampton Northamptonshire  
  Martha Annie Nowell Pauper Single   25 Hawker Sheffield Yorkshire  
  Harry Nowell Pauper   6     Sheffield Yorkshire  
  Ellen Coates Pauper Widow   46 Needlewoman Greenwich London  
  Margaret Blair Pauper Widow   74   Brighton Sussex  
  Solomon Such Pauper Widower 83   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Woodham Ferris Essex  
  George Summers Pauper Widower 84   Ret. Shoemaker Rochester Kent  
  Edward Hadlow Pauper Widower 75   Ret. General Labourer Herne Hill London  
  Edward Boast Pauper   13     Newington Kent  
  Elizabeth Boast Pauper     11   Newington Kent  
  Johnathan Boast Pauper   9     Newington Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P7 ...     15 10      
  Ethel Louisa Boast Pauper     8   Newington Kent  
  Frances Sharp Pauper Widow   79   Barking London  
  John Cooper Pauper Single 73   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Dartford Kent  
  William Ladhams Pauper Widower 74   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  Robert Whitehead Pauper Single 75   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Stockbury Kent  
  Stephen Ratcliffe Pauper Widower 78   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Chart Sutton Kent  
  Benjamin Wilson Pauper   16     Northfleet Kent  
  Robert Wilson Pauper   15     Frindsbury Kent  
  Arthur Wilson Pauper   12     Rainham Kent  
  James Pepper Pauper Single 64   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Milton Kent  
  Frederick Gibbens Pauper   15     Maidstone Kent  
  Louisa Gibbens Pauper     13   Ramsgate Kent  
  Charles Gibbens Pauper   10     Sheerness Kent  
  Elizabeth Hamensley Pauper Widow   70   Kingston-on-Thames Surrey  
  Lydia Clout Pauper Widow   81   Rainham Kent  
  Mary Dere Pauper Widow   71   Marlborough Wiltshire  
  Elizabeth Lockyer Pauper Widow   60   Newington Kent  
  Joseph Hales Pauper Widower 84   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Stockbury Kent  
  Charlotte Rutland Pauper Widow   61   Oare Kent  
  George Dunster Pauper Widower 76   Ret. Gardener Domestic Teynham Kent  
  Walter George Allen Pauper Married 72   Ret. Painter London  
  Thomas ?? Cooper Pauper   1     Deal Kent  
  Jane Chambers Pauper Single   18   Rainham Kent  
  Charles Fairbeard Pauper Widower 78   Ret. General Labourer Lynsted Kent  
  Frances Loader Pauper Single   70 Ret. Field Worker Hawkhurst Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P8 ...     15 10      
  Elizabeth Wyles Pauper Widow   58   Rochester Kent Imbecile
  Luke Randall Pauper Widower 77   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Doddington Kent  
  Henry Howting Pauper Widower 80   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Oare Kent  
  Richard Pearson Pauper Widower 77   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Yalding Kent  
  William Young Pauper Widower 86   Ret. Bricklayer's Labourer Chartham Kent  
  George Wellar Pauper Widower 81   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Milstead Kent  
  Frances Boakes Pauper Widow   80   Newington Kent  
  John Blackman Pauper Widower 73   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Tunstall Kent  
  John Gevlin Pauper Widower 66   Ret. Shipwright Swansea Glamorgan Wales  
  Isaac Marlow Pauper Single 70   Ret. General Labourer East Farleigh Kent  
  James Dalladay Pauper Widower 73   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Orsett Essex  
  Henry Miskin Pauper Single 63   Ret. General Labourer Upchurch Kent  
  Benjamin Scott Pauper Married 73   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Wye Kent  
  George Howting Pauper Married 25   Agricultural Labourer Faversham Kent  
  Edward Turner Pauper Single 81   Ret. General Labourer Rochester Kent  
  Alfred Roberts Pauper Single 30     Sittingbourne Kent Blind
  Thomas Reason Pauper Single 80   Ret. General Labourer Herne Hill London Blind
  Mary Batchelor Pauper Single   69   Milton Kent  
  Rachel Knott Pauper Widow   84   Newington Kent  
  Richard Kennett Pauper Married 76   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Elham Kent  
  Harriett Kennett Pauper Wife of above   86   Hoo Kent  
  Henry Willis Pauper Single 33   General Labourer Teynham Kent  
  Elizabeth Clegg Pauper Widow   77   Bishops Stortford Herts.  
  Frederick Little Pauper Widower 62   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Murston Kent  
  Charles Trice Pauper Single 75   Ret. Agricultural Labourer Detling Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P9 ...     19 6      
  Eliza Drake Pauper Single   53   Thoreton Yorkshire  
  Ada Collins Pauper     14   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Frederick Bowes Pauper Single 41   Ret. General Labourer Sittingbourne Kent Feeble-minded
  Ernest Williams Pauper   14     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Gertrude Ellen Seager Pauper     12   Clare Ireland  
  John William Seager Pauper   10     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Charles Albert Seager Pauper   9     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Thomas Knight Pauper Widower 79   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Upchurch Kent  
  Ralph George Bowes Pauper   15     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Alfred Tyler Pauper   12     Murston Kent  
  James Tyler Pauper   10     Murston Kent  
  Susannah Tyler Pauper     8   Murston Kent  
  Mary Green Pauper     12   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Alfred Green Pauper   10     Newington Kent  
  Lily Blagg Pauper     13   Newington Kent  
  Rosa Blagg Pauper     12   Newington Kent  
  Leonard Forster Pauper Widower 86   Ret. General Labourer Boughton Kent  
  James Smith Pauper Married 37   General Labourer Soham Cambridgeshire  
  Sarah Ann Lee Pauper Single   34 Field Worker Sittingbourne Kent  
  Lilian Gertrude Carnwell Pauper Single   27 Field Worker Leeds Yorkshire  
  Annie Grant Pauper Widow   75 Ret. Sick Nurse Queenborough Kent  
  Mary Chase Pauper Widow   83   Canterbury Kent  
  Stephen Heathfield Pauper   10     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Elizabeth Heathfield Pauper     8   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Joseph Brown Pauper Widower 83   Ret. General Labourer Bapchild Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P10 ...     13 12      
  Emma Davis Pauper     15   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Charles Davis Pauper   14     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Eliza Hall Pauper Widow   46   Upchurch Kent  
  Mary Ann Doughty Pauper Widow   80   Milstead Kent  
  Annie Spice Pauper Widow   59   Maidstone Kent  
  Emma Callaway Pauper Single   59   Maidstone Kent Feeble-minded
  George Osborne Pauper Widower 70   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Stoke Suffolk  
  Richard Bills Pauper   8     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Gertrude Clinch Mitchell Pauper     11   Sittingbourne Kent  
  William Reeves Pauper   12     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Mary Ann May Pauper Married   36   Isle of Sheppey Kent  
  Lilian May Pauper     10   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Joseph May Pauper   6     Iwade Kent  
  Frederick May Pauper   5     Iwade Kent  
  Edith May Pauper     3   Milton Kent  
  Samuel Mercer Pauper Single 37   Bargeman Sittingbourne Kent  
  James Waters Pauper Married 72   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Fulham London  
  Louisa Waters Pauper Wife of above   47   Northampton Northamptonshire  
  Richard English Pauper Single 67   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent Feeble-minded
  Thomas Blythe Pauper Widower 71   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Dover Kent  
  Mary Neve Pauper Widow   83   Maidstone Kent  
  Alice Fosbraey Pauper     14   Sittingbourne Kent Feeble-minded
  George Hauseman Pauper Widower 67   Ret. General Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  Caroline Bone Pauper Married   32   Hatfield Herts.  
  Mabel Bone Pauper     7   Sittingbourne Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P11 ...     11 14      
  Lilly Bone Pauper     6   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Eveline Bone Pauper     4   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Hilda Bone Pauper     3   Sittingbourne Kent  
  Horace Bone Pauper   1     Sittingbourne Kent  
  Gay Beatrice Bone Pauper     1   Milton Kent  
  Edward Rossiter Pauper Married 59   Bricklayer's Labourer Sittingbourne Kent  
  Edward Sida Pauper Widower 68   Ret. General Labourer Poplar London  
  Theophilus Milliner Pauper Single 67   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Milton Kent  
  William Blezzard Pauper Married 74   Ret. General Labourer Hankerton Wiltshire  
  George Wenham Pauper Married 66   Ret. Shipwright - Sussex  
  William Coves Pauper Single 82   Ret. General Labourer Maidstone Kent  
  Cecilia Rose Pauper Widow   88   Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland  
  Phoebe Brain Pauper Single   37 Servant Domestic Poplar London  
  Eliza Amasy Pauper Widow   80   Romney Kent  
  Stephen Heathfield Pauper Widower 57   Brickfield Labourer Kingsdown Kent  
  Charles Sage Pauper Widower 76   Ret. General Labourer    
  Lydia Potts Pauper Widow   65   Sittingbourne Kent  
  John Stevens Pauper Widower 80   Ret. Brickfield Labourer Dartford Kent  
  Stephen Alderton Pauper Single 57   General Labourer - Surrey  
  Stephen Long Pauper Widower 64   Ret. General Labourer Milstead Kent  
  Jane Honey Pauper Single   62 Ret. Laundress Rainham Kent  
  George Roberts Pauper Single 65   Ret. General Labourer Peckham London  
  Ada Hainden Visitor Single   41 Draper's Assistant Milton Kent  
    Total of Males and Females P12 ...     13 10      

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