Pigot Directory - 1832-1834

[Note: Transcribed by Nigel Heriz-Smith from a poor quality copy - there may be errors]


SITTINGBOURNE is a handsome and respectable post-town and parish, in the hundred of Milton and lathe of Scray; 40 miles from London, and 16 from Canterbury; situated on the main road between these two cities, and in a delightful and highly fertile part of the county. By means of Milton creek, which bounds the parish on the north, and is navigable at Crown-quay, hoys sail hence to London; so that from this circumstance, and that of its great thoroughfare, Sittingbourne is happy in its local advantages. Here are three good Inns, particularly the 'Rose,' which for elegance in its accommodations, and general convenience and comfort, may vie with the best regulated establishments of the kind in the kingdom.

The church is a very fine structure, principally built of flint, and exhibits rather a brilliant appearance when its reflecting substance is subjected to the action of the sun's rays. A destructive fire, in 1762, did considerable injury to this edifice, and destroyed several valuable and interesting monuments; there are remaining, however, others well meriting notice. It is dedicated to St.Michael; and the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the see of Canterbury, and present incumbency of the Rev. John Hodgson. The charities comprise a national school and workhouse, with some parochial gifts and benefactions to the poor. Sittingbourne formerly enjoyed many valuable privileges, but through neglect most of them have been ineffective: Elizabeth granted a weekly market and two assisal fairs; the former was soon discontinued; the latter are held on Whit-Monday and October 10th, for linen and woollen goods, hardware, &c.; and a great monthly market on Tuesdays. The parish contained, by the returns for 1831, 2,182 inhabitants; being an increase, since the census of 1801, of 835 persons.

MILTON (anciently Middletun) is a market town and parish, in the hundred of its name and lathe of Scray; the parish adjoins to that of Sittingbourne, and the two towns are distant from each other about half a mile. A branch of the Swale comes up to the town, and there are several large pieces of water used for mill-ponds; upon these are mills for grinding corn and one for the making of paper. The trade of the place consists in its fishery, and the transmission of corn to the metropolis, and bringing back various goods for the use of the surrounding country; but its oyster fishery is, perhaps, the highest importance and a very large capital is embarked therein; part of the manor and hundred of Milton produces the finest oysters in the world – they are known in the London market as the 'Milton natives'. This fishery is of very high antiquity; and the fish taken here are supposed to be alluded to by Juvenal, in his 4th satire, as being reckoned a delicacy even in his time. A portrieve for the hundreds of Milton and Marden, with a warden, are chosen on the 25th July, at a court baron; the manor courts and public meetings are held at the market-house, under which is the town prison.

The church is an ancient and handsome structure, with a fine tower of flint; it is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Canterbury; the Rev. Wm. Bennett is the present incumbent, and the Rev. E.G. Boys is the resident curate. The market day is Saturday, and the assisal fairs are held 24th July and 10th October, for cattle and bays. The parish contained, by the last returns, 2,233 inhabitants; being an increase, in the preceding 30 years, of 611 persons.

GREENSTREET is a village partly in the parish of Teynham and partly in that of Linstead, in the hundred of Teynham, and lathe of Scray, on the high road from London to the coast; three miles from Sittingbourne. It is not a place of business, independent of that produced from its thoroughfare situation. The church of Teynham is a large and handsome building, in form of a cross, with an embattled tower at the west end. It was at Teynham that Richard Harris, fruiterer to King Henry VIII, placed 185 acres of orchard and cherry ground, from which plantations, it is believed, that all the cherry gardens and apple orchards in Kent took their rise. A stock fair is held in this village on the 1st May. The population returns for Linstead and Teynham include the inhabitants of Greenstreet.

POST OFFICE, SITTINGBOURNE, William Marsh, Post Master. – Letters from LONDON, CHATHAM, ROCHESTER, &c., arrive every morning at one, and are despatched at two. Letters from FAVERSHAM, CANTERBURY, DOVER, DEAL, MARGATE and RAMSGATE arrive every morning at two, and are despatched at one. Letter from SHEERNESS arrive (by foot-post) every night at nine, and are despatched every morning at 4. POST, MILTON. Letters arrive from and are despatched to to SITTINGBOURNE daily.

Barling John, esq. Linstead lodge
Barrow Mr. John, Borden
Blaxland Edward Esq. Teynham court
Blaxland James, esq. Dully
Bradley Francis, esq. Gore Court
Chambers Sir Samuel, Bredgar
Cobb Miss Catherine, Borden
Colley Thomas, esq. Bobbing
Collins Rev. C. Road home
Crowford Rev. -, Linstead
Curry Rev. C. Borden
Fairman Samuel, esq. Linstead
Ford Mr. William, Borden
Forster Mr. Goddard, Sittingbourne
Gascoyne William, esq. Bapchild
Harnley Mrs. Sittingbourne
Hinde Robert, esq. Milton
Hodgson Rev. John, Tunstall
Homehood Edward, esq. Tunstall
Humphreys Lieutenant George, R.N. Sittingbourne
Lake John, esq. Bapchild
Lushington William, New house
Matson John, esq. Rodmersham
Marchand Rev. John, Milton
Murton William, esq. Bredgar
Pink Mrs. Doddington
Poore Rev. John D.D. Murston rectory
Prideux Rev. G. Sittingbourne
Radcliffe Rev. John, Doddington
Raff Mr. Thomas, Sittingbourne
Seath Mrs. Sittingbourne
Simpson Rev. George, Glover house
Simpson Valentine, esq. Bobbing
Smith Mr. John, Sittingbourne
Tattershall Mrs. Doddington
Tracy Geo. Monck esq. Marrion House
Tylden Sir John. M. Milstead
Tylden Mrs. Torry Hill
Tyler the Hon. Major. Linstead House
Tyler William, esq. Linstead
Walter John, esq. Parsonage, Borden
Watson John, esq. Woodcock

Not otherwise described are Day Schools
Brightman William, Milton
Eliot Sarah, Milton
Hartridge Harriet, Milton
Head Thomas (boarding and day) Sittingbourne
Hastear James, Sittingbourne
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Sittingbourne – William Packham, master
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Milton – Richard Child Barnard, master; Jane Hobbs, mistress (Sittingbourne)
Richards Sarah (boarding & day)
Silles William, Greenstreet
Tapley Robert, Greenstreet
Whitnall Susan (boarding and day) Sittingbourne

Bathurst Richard, Sittingbourne
Fawkener & Russell, Sittingbourne
Hinde Robert (& coroner for the county) Milton
Hinde Robert, Robert & John, Sittingbourne & at Milton
Ward James, Sittingbourne

Catchpool John, Sittingbourne
Jordan John, Milton
Smith & Drayson, Sittingbourne

Baker Hezekiah, Greenstreet
Champion Samuel, Bapchild
Clifford John, Sittingbourne
Dennis Edmund, Milton
Hartridge Richard, Milton
Jay William (& corn dealer) Sittingbourne
Kimmins James, Greenstreet
Lawrence Thomas, Milton
Owlett John, Milton
Price William, Milton
Reeve Thomas, Sittingbourne
Riddel Stephen, Greenstreet
Smead William, Sittingbourne
Webb John, Sittingbourne
Willson William, Milton

Vallance William & Son – (draw on Spooner, Attwood & Co. London)

Blaxland Alexander, Milton
Baggs Thomas (&wheelwright) Milton
Brenchley Cook, Sittingbourne
Busbridge Edward, Greenstreet
Clifford John, Sittingbourne
Dodd John, Milton
Down William, Milton
Flood William, Greenstreet
Humphrey George, Sittingbourne
Jenner Samuel, Milton
Wise William (and wheelwright) Sittingbourne

Prake George, Milton
Taylor Stephen (& rope maker) Sittingbourne

Brightman William (stationer) Milton
Marsh William (stationer) Sittingbourne
Senior Ann & Harriet, Sittingbourne

Benstead & Duncan, Greenstreet
Goodger John & William, Milton
Harnden William, Sittingbourne
Harrison Denwood, Sittingbourne
Hogwood Benjamin, Sittingbourne
Humphrey Josiah, Greenstreet
Hunt Thomas, Milton
Kemp Henry Stephen, Greenstreet
Read John, Greenstreet
Sargent Robert, Sittingbourne
Snelling Thomas, Sittingbourne
Tarpe Thomas, Milton
Wood Abraham, Sittingbourne
Wood James, Milton
Wood Thomas, Sittingbourne

Bate Harriet, Sittingbourne
Vallance William, Sittingbourne

Ashenden & Baker, Sittingbourne
Huggens John, Sittingbourne

Blaxland Thomas & John (& stone masons) Milton
Maytum George & Son, Greenstreet
Maytum John, Greenstreet
Phillpott Thomas, Sittingbourne
Snelling Catherine, Sittingbourne
Snelling Stephen, Sittingbourne
Wilson William, Milton

Adams Thomas, Sittingbourne
Boulding George, Sittingbourne
Brett James, Milton
Clapson George, Greenstreet
Crittenden Spencer, Sittingbourne
Gatland Thomas, Sittingbourne
Martin Samuel, Milton
Smith Edward, Sittingbourne
Strouts Robert, Milton
Webb Henry, Milton
Wood Robert, Greenstreet

Catchpool John, Sittingbourne
Reason Thomas Filmer, Sittingbourne
Cleave Walter (and surveyor) Sittingbourne
Cowland George, Sittingbourne
Forster William, Milton
Frost Thomas, Greenstreet
Fullman Thomas,, Sittingbourne
Goldfinch John, Milton
King William, Milton
Mannoch John, Greenstreet
Thomas Edmund, Milton
Vallence Mary, Greenstreet

Gordelier William P. Sittingbourne
Shotter Spencer Wood (& wine & spirit merchant), Sittingbourne

Masters Stephen & John, Sittingbourne
Terry William (& wheelwright) Greenstreet

Barnard James, Sittingbourne
Court Stephen, Milton
Drayson John & Richard, Sittingbourne
Redman Thomas, Milton
Sancto Alexander, Milton

Bate James Andrew, Sittingbourne
Page Thomas, Sittingbourne

KENT, John Smith, Sittingbourne
NORWICH UNION, Theophilus Smith, Sittingbourne, and Thomas Cantwell, Greenstreet
PHOENIX, Sarah White & Son, Sittingbourne

Bourne Henry, Milton
Busby Thomas, Greenstreet
Champion Samuel, Bapchild
Colley William Chapman, Sittingbourne
Elfick Edward, Jun. Milton
Grace William, Milton
Hobday Benjamin, Milton
Hunt William, Milton
Ironmonger William, Milton
Iver Mark, Sittingbourne
Jarrett Richard, Sittingbourne
Lemmy John, Milton
Lockler John, Greenstreet
Milway, Henry, Milton
Payn James (& draper) Greenstreet
Phillips Lake, Milton
Read John, Greenstreet
Reeves Henry, Bapchild
Selling William, Sittingbourne
Smith John, Sittingbourne
Tarpe Thomas, Milton
Tonge John & Son, Sittingbourne
Wood Charles, Milton

Cooper William, Milton
Pilcher Henry, Sittingbourne
Taylor Jane, Sittingbourne

Huggens John, Sittingbourne
Smith Charles, Milton

Bull, David Hughes, Sittingbourne
Dover Castle, Henry Brett, Greenstreet
George, Isaac Green, Sittingbourne
Rose, William Ballard (& posting house) Sittingbourne

Jordan Charles, Milton
Thomas Edmund, Milton
White Sarah (& brazier) Sittingbourne

Baker Merchant, Sittingbourne
Bate & Vipond, Sittingbourne
Elfick Edward, jun. Milton
Jay James, Milton
Smith John, Sittingbourne
Stagg Benjamin, Milton
Tonge John & Son, Sittingbourne
Whibley Richard, Sittingbourne

Snoard Richard, Milton
Stevens Benjamin & John, Greenstreet
Tonge John & Son, Sittingbourne

Barnett John, Newnham
Blaxland Samuel, Milton
Edmeades Thomas, Milton
Lay John, Milton
Lishman William, Milton
Slaughter John, Milton
UNION COMPANY, Greenstreet

Smith Edward, Sittingbourne

Cullen Edward, Greenstreet
Hedgecock John, Sittingbourne
Jordan Lawrence, Milton
Knowles Thomas, Sittingbourne
Tilley Thomas, Sittingbourne
Willson William Hopper, Sittingbourne

Coulter John Edmund (& publisher), Sittingbourne

Boule Edward & William. Greenstreet
Garrett William, Sittingbourne
Kemp William, Greenstreet
Taylor James, Milton
Turner Thomas, Sittingbourne

Bigg Thomas (& high constable), Sittingbourne

Browning Charles, Sittingbourne
Castle William, Sittingbourne
Church James, Greenstreet
Ray George, Milton

Drake Edward (road) Milton
Gouge James (and land agent) Sittingbourne
Jordan John (land) Milton

Marked thus * are also Drapers
Burley George, Greenstreet
Burley Thomas, Sittingbourne
*Busby Thomas, Greenstreet
*Dean John, Sittingbourne
Carrilon John, Milton
Elfick Edward, Milton
Marsh William, Sittingbourne
Sea John, Milton
Smith Theophilus (and shop seller) Sittingbourne
*Thurlow Launcelot, Sittingbourne
Wanstall William, Greenstreet

Tonge John & Son, Sittingbourne
Budds Daniel (& stamp distributer) Milton

Alston William, Milton
Fryer & Cooper, Milton

Bell, Philip Harnwood (?), Sittingbourne
Black Lion, James Duncan, Linstead
Cherry Tree, Thomas Coleman, Sittingbourne
Crown& Anchor, William Spice, Milton
Fox & Goose, William Ellis, Bapchild
George & Dragon, Elizabeth Cromwell, Greenstreet
George Inn, Thomas Redman, Milton
Good Intent, John Baxby, Milton
King's Arms, George Ellis, Milton
King's Head (and excise officer) James Redman, Chalkwell
Lion, Henry Tidy, Sittingbourne
Little Rose, Robert Waterman, Sittingbourne
Plough, James Watson, Sittingbourne
Ship, William James Foot, Sittingbourne
Ship, James Jackson, Sittingbourne
Smack, Willliam South, Milton
Swan, Thomas West, Greenstreet
Three Hats, William Tapley, Milton
Three Kings, John Richardson, Sittingbourne
Waterman's Arms, George Didch, Milton
Wheat Sheaf, John Smith, Sittingbourne
White Hart, Henry Jarrett, Sittingbourne
White Hart, George Willson, Milton

Bowes Charles, Milton
Flood John, Greenstreet
Peaks George, Milton
Sealey William, Bapchild
Waters John Taylor, Sittingbourne

Barnard James, Sittingbourne
Crittenden George, Milton
Shilling Edward, Milton

Alston William, merchant, Milton
Baker George, Roman cement manufacturer and seed crusher, Sittingbourne
Barnard John Arnold, carrier, Sittingbourne
Bridge George P, marine store dealer, Milton
Bunyar Fraser, gunsmith, &c. Sittingbourne
Cockley Thomas, breeches maker, Greenstreet
Cruttenden Edmund, cattle dealer, Sittingbourne
Fairbeard William, gardener &c. Greenstreet
Harms John, confectioner, Sittingbourne
Harrison George Wells, fellmonger &c. Milton
Hayward Joseph, tinman &c. Sittingbourne
Leeds Amos, furniture broker, Sittingbourne
Nicholls Richard, bookbinder, Greenstreet
Packer John, basket maker, Sittingbourne
Panton Thomas, corn factor, Sittingbourne
Sargent Eliz. Straw hat maker, Sittingbourne
Sea Henry, principal coast officer, Milton
Tegg Richard, fruiterer, Milton
Thompson William, sail maker, Milton

Sittingbourne – Henry Pilcher, master.

To and from LONDON, CANTERBURY, CHATHAM, DARFOR, DEAL, DOVER, GRAVESEND, MARGATE, RAMSGATE, and ROCHESTER, pass through Sittingbourne almost hourly during the day, and call at the Rose, Bull, & Lion Inns.

To CANTERBURY, Thomas Ashtell's Van, from the Bull, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past eight.
To MAIDSTONE, a coach and van alternately (from Canterbury), calls at the Three Kings, every afternoon at one.
To ROCHESTER & CHATHAM, Benjamin Peter's Van, from his house, every morning (Sun. Excepted) at half past eight.
To SHEERNESS, a Van, from Milton every day (Sunday excepted).

To and from LONDON and DOVER, Stephen Wrake's Waggon, calls at the Three Kings, thrice a week – and Stanbury & co's Van calls at the Ship, daily.

To LONDON, John Huggen's Hoys, from Sittingbourne, every alternate week – and Charles Smith's Hoys, from Milton, every alternate Saturday

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