Event Reports for 2020

Wednesday, 5th February - 8.00pm "Were There Vikings in Lynsted?"

On Wednesday 5th February, in Lynsted Church, the Lynsted With Kingsdown Society hosted a very well attended feedback session on local archeological finds in Lynsted, and we have to give special thanks to Wendy Thompson who bravely stepped in at the last minute to deliver the talk.

During initial metal-detecting archeological investigations on land owned by Peter Bones and farmed by Neil Anderson, a small Viking weight made of bronze and with 22 sides had been discovered. Curators at the British Museum were quite excited about the possibility of further Viking finds in the area. Other objects and artefacts ranging from Mesolithic and Neolithic times up to Medieval buckles and Georgian horse harness pieces were also found.

On the strength of this, it was decided to hold a metal detectorists rally when up to 80 people were involved in examining the land for further items of interest. Although many fascinating artefacts were found from Saxon to Victorian in age, there was only one (possible) other piece of Viking workmanship in gold. There was however a beautiful little gold and garnet ring discovered which was later found to be Roman in origin. A number of the artefacts were available to see, examine and admire following the talk.

Whether there were indeed Vikings in Lynsted, is as yet unproven!

Wednesday 4 March 2020 - 8.00pm. "The Lives of Hares".

In Lynsted Church, the Society hosted an illustrated talk by Russell Miles on the lives of hares. Russell has been watching and photographing hares for the past eight years, mostly in Kent, but also in Norfolk and the Peak District. His talk was illustrated by a series of wonderful photographs of this scarce and elusive animal and described the many hours he has spent hidden from their view, enabling him to capture fascinating images of their lives, together with the many other animals and birds which came within sight of his lens.
Russell is an active member of the Hare Preservation Trust and his talk also drew attention to the decline in hare numbers (thought to have declined by 80% since the late 19th century) and highlighted the fact that it is now seldom seen in many parts of the country. The hare is the only game species in England, Wales and most parts of Europe not protected by a closed hunting season and consequently hares can be shot throughout the year. Russell also spoke eloquently of the dangers and threats he encountered from illegal lampers.
Russell is a member of the Hare Preservation Trust, who are working to gain protection for hares during the breeding season and raise awareness of the threats to hares particularly from illegal hunting. He donated his fee to the Hare Preservation Trust.


Monday 30th March 2020. - 7.30pm. "Practical talk and demonstration of the craft of wood-turning."

John Burbage (Woodturner) will explore the craft of wood-turning using a pole-lathe. There is a possible chance to have a go! John is a highly regarded traditional pole-lathe expert and woodsman. John represented the Worshipful Company of Turners at the Livery Fair in the City of London last September; he has also won awards for his craft. This is a rare opportunity to get up-close to such an expert at his craft.
Note the Venue will be Norton Village Hall and the start time is earlier than usual at 7.30pm.

Entrance: Society Members free; non-Members £3 each.


Saturday 9th May - "VE Day 75th Anniversary"

In absence of an event, the Society has added the following items of interest:

  1. For now, the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, we are sharing newspaper extracts that describe the local community celebrations that took place in 1946 - see this PDF file
  2. We also produced a display item around the Victory in Japan Day - see this PDF file.
  3. We have added (November 2020) local accounts of the passing through Kent of the Unknown Warrior in November 1920 - see this PDF file.


Saturday 16th May - "An Evening with Lucy Kitt"

A modern folk singer, following on from her appearances at Faversham Hop Festival and at the Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, and the release of her first album "Stand By". Relaxed, cafe style seating......Bring your own drinks and nibbles.
Admission by pre-booked ticket only
Members and non-Members should book your tickets now!

Admission free to members; £5 for non-members.
Email: folk@lynsted.com or Tel: 01795 886387
Venue: Lynsted Church.
There will be a retiring collection for Lucy

*** VIRTUAL EVENT - A photographic insect exploration of a local Farm ***

Sunday 19th July: Farm Walk at Kingsdown Farm with Richard Moyse

Unable to hold the butterfly walk as planned, we decided to photograph and identify any butterflies we could see on the farm and share them with you. On Sunday (12th) we set out with local experts Richard Moyse and his partner Kathy.
Richard manages the Plantlife site at Ranscombe Farm Reserve, Rochester. I also needed someone to take the photographs, so our grandchildren Sienna and Theo Dennis joined us - they really enjoyed the afternoon and took some excellent photos.
The afternoon was perfect – warm and sunny – and the butterflies were very active and numerous. We spotted a large hatch of Peacock butterflies earlier in the week and we were lucky to see several newly hatched butterflies during our walk including six-spot burnet moths that were still pumping up their wings. I have included some great pictures of crickets and grasshoppers, as they were also very active. During the walk we saw several different bumble bees all very active on the large variety of flowering plants in our pollen and nectar strip. This strip has been in place for 9 years and each year we see more and more bees and butterflies. In all we saw 12 different butterflies and there many more that I have seen throughout the year that we did not see on Sunday, including the Orange tip, Brimstone (both early Season) and Small Tortoiseshell (surprising as I have seen more than ever this year and we are obviously between hatches). The others seen were the meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Large White and Holly blue.
We plan to host this walk next year. So please keep an eye on the website and come along. Non-members will also be welcome. The walk will be followed by tea and cake in the garden with donations to the charity Plantllife. We hope to see you on the farm in 2021!
Neil Anderson

This gallery of images is an introduction for this event next year.

Virtual Farm Walk 2020
Comma Butterfly Common Field Grasshopper Marbled White
1. Comma Butterfly 2. Common Field Grasshopper 3. Marbled White
Common Blues mating Small Skipper moth Bombus Lapidaries (Red-tailed Bumblebee)
4. Common Blues mating 5. Small Skipper 6. Bombus Lapidaries
(red tailed bumblebee)
Bombus Lapidaries (Red tailed Bumblebees) Six-spot Burnet moth Birds foot trefoil and bind weed
7. Bombus Lapidaries
(Red Tailed Bumblebee)
8. Six-Spot Burnet moth just emerged and priming it's wings 9. Birds Foot Trefoil and bind weed
Birds foot trefoil and bind weed Roesels bush cricket long-winged conehead cricket
10. Birds Foot Trefoil and Bind Weed 11. Roesels Bush Cricket 12. Long-winged conehead cricket
Common blue Common Blue Marbled Blue
13. Common Blue 14. Common Blue 15. Marbled White
Common Blue Six-spot Burnet Moth priming its wings Six-spot Burnet Moth priming its wings.
16. Common Blue 17. Six-Spot Burnet Moth priming its wings 18. six spot burnet moth priming its wings
Gatekeeper Essex Skipper Barden bumblebee (bombus hortorum)
19. Gatekeeper 20. Essex Skipper 21. Bombus hortorum (garden bumblebee)
Cinnabar moth larvae Essex Skipper Peacock butterfly
22. Cinnabar Moth Larvae 23. Essex Skipper 24. Peacock butterfly
Gatekeeper Gatekeeper Small White
25. Gatekeeper 26. Gatekeeper 27. Small white
Essex Skipper Essex Skipper Essex Skipper
28. Essex Skipper 29. Essex Skipper 30. Essex Skipper
Essex Skipper    
31. Essex Skipper    


23rd September 2020. "Battle of Britain - The Battle against the Odds".

Guy Bartlett (aka the Guy in the Sky) will talk about this pivotal period of the Second World War. To remember the Battle of Britain, 80 years ago. More info to follow.


14th October - VIC 56, historic steam coasting craft

The VIC 56 (Victualling Inshore Craft or "puffer") was built in Faversham in 1945, during the Second World War. Unusually, these were steam-powered craft that relied on existing skills in making steam engines when the war demanded diesel engines for military use. The VIC craft were employed in carrying cargo throughout the UK's coastal communities and along canals. This promises to be a fascinating presentation with a local angle. More information nearer the time.


16th November - AGM followed by Sandra Whittaker, Head of Artifacts at the British Museum.


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