Teynham and Lynsted Fire Brigade Reports
1916 to 1937

89. Wanstalls, Greenstreet

Teynham and Lynsted Brigade - Fire Reports
Date March 17/35  
Time of Call 11 am  
Place Wanstalls Greenstreet Teynham  
Description of Premises Dwelling House  
Tenant Mrs R Jemmett  
Owner Mr A George  
Estimated Loss    
Insurance Building Insurance Office
    6236059 Norwich Union
  Contents Insurance Office
    9464683 Norwich 
Estimated Value of Property at risk    
Cause of Fire Chimney  
Water Supply    
How Called Tennant (sic)  
Appliances and men Present M. Pump & Brigade  
How Extinguished. Number of lines of hose used, and C. Chemical  
Expenses incurred    
General remarks as to damage, and c. At Risk Mrs S. Fisher Wanstath Insured in Prudential 6/71.1291613  
Date Mch 18/35  
Signed A E Ferris  
  Chief Officer  

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