Teynham and Lynsted Fire Brigade Reports - 1916 to 1937

Bishops Cottages after fireThis Register is an important document that describes the sources, nature and frequency of fires. Additionally, they reveal tenants and owners of properties in and near to Lynsted and Teynham. A useful original resource for family researchers. You can download a PDF or open pages using the links below.
Acknowledgement: The Society wishes to thank Eddie Read for his generosity in sharing this Register with us.

  1. 6th August 1916: Ludgate Farm (Tenant: W R Farmer)
  2. 5th December 1916: New House Farm (Tenant: James French)
  3. 6th May 1917: Rushit House (Rushetts?) (Tenant: Captain J Howard)
  4. 25th May 1918: Provender Farm (Tenant: William Colthaye)
  5. 25th June 1918: Bogle (Stack) (Tenant: E Smith; Owner: Dr Selby)
  6. 20th May 1919: Sharsted (Stack) (Farmer De Lanne)(de Launne?)
  7. 29th May 1919: Timber Yard (passing train) (H Smith)
  8. 10th June 1919: Frognal Brick Field (Tenant: Mr Mercer)
  9. 23rd August 1919: Oil Sheds (Tenant: Mr R A Whittle; Owner: Mr Thomas)
  10. 27th September 1919: The Batteries Farm (Corn Stacks) (Mr Mercer)
  11. 11th February 1920: Streatfield, Lewson Street (Fresh Tank) (W Streatfield)
  12. 5th November 1920: Teynham Court Lodge (Corn Stack) (C Ferguson Wood)
  13. 22nd July 1921: Buckland Farm (Barley Field) (Mr Mercer)
  14. 24th October 1921: Messrs Lloyds Mills, Sittingbourne (Messrs Ed Lloyd Ltd)
  15. 21st December 1921: Ludgate Farm, Lynsted (Corn and Seed Stacks) Tenant Mr R Farmer; Owner R.L. Pemberton Esq) - boy playing with matches - James Hall 10 years
  16. 15th November 1922: Deerton Street Farm (Tenant: E R Smith; Owner: Kent Ed Com)
  17. 27th September 1923: Elvys Motor Garage, Doddington (Messrs F & G Elvy)
  18. 13th December 1923: Co-operative Buildings, Greenstreet
  19. 3rd February 1924: Radfield House, Bapchild (Tenant: Henry Alfred Cobbett; Owner: Gen Dean Esq)
  20. 14th February 1924: Frognal Farm, Teynham (sparks from train) (A R Mercer)
  21. 8th April 1924: Deerton Street (sparks from train) (Tenant: Messrs Dann & Hopper; Owner: George Wood George)
  22. 12th April 1924: Lynsted Court (Tenant: Weaver; Owner: G.A.H.Smith)
  23. 23rd November 1924: Barbary Farm Norton & Buckland (Tenants: S Millen & A L Mercer)
  24. 16th November 1925: Sunderland Farm, Lynsted (tare stack) (Owner: M Mercer)
  25. 4th January 1926: Cellar Hill - dwelling (Owner/Tenant: Mr P Dalton)
  26. 26th January 1926: Palace Farm - farmhouse and buildings (chimney fire) (Owner: Mr Veitch)
  27. 13th February 1926: Gas House Cottages, Doddington (Tenant: Gilbert Kite. Owner: Mrs Maud Jefferys)
  28. 19th March 1926: Bogle (Motor Lorry - petrol caught fire) (Tenant: Messrs F & G Elvy)
  29. 28th July 1926: Hill Cottage, Radfield (chimney fire) (Tenant: Louis Webb; Owners : Exors G H Dean Esq)
  30. 12 August 1926: Loyterton Farm (sic - "Loyerton") (stack fire from lightning) (Owner: Mr W Oyler)
  31. 28th August 1926: Wheelwrights Shop, Newnham (Tenant: A Humphries; Owner Farmer de Lanne)
  32. 1st March 1927: Sandown Cottages, Teynham (Tenant: William James Barrett; Owner: Mrs Tritton)
  33. 2nd May 1927: Radfield Cottages (chimney fell through roof) (Tenant: W Friar & E Kirby; Owner: Exors: G H Dean)
  34. 3rd May 1927: West End, Greenstreet (defective flue) (Tenant: Thos Day; Owner: Potter Oyler)
  35. 21st July 1927: West End, Greenstreet (Owner: Peter Kilpatrick of Ford Place)
  36. 2nd October 1927: "Hunts Stores", Teynham (Tenant: C F Harrison; Owner: Mrs N Hunt)
  37. 23rd October 1927: Cooperative Stores, Greenstreet
  38. 23rd December 1927: Wanstalls Cottage, Greenstreet (Tenant: Arthur George Hopkins; Owners: Exors the late Stephen George)
  39. 24th January 1928: Home Farm, Deerton Street (chimney beam) (Tenant: Arthur James Goodwin; Owner: B R Dixon)
  40. 27th January 1928: West End, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: George Everard; Owner: George George)
  41. 4th May 1928: Old Farm House, Lewson Street (Tenant: W H Jenkins; Owner: John Thomas)
  42. 20th June 1928: The Shop, Greenstreet (chimney +) (Tenant: Thomas Williams Woodfine; Owner: Late Stephen George)
  43. 14th July 1928: Georges Cottage, Greenstreet (Tenant: Richard Spillett; Owner: A George)
  44. 28th July 1928: Butchers Shop, Greenstreet (Tenant: C Lawrence; Owner: Mrs Crippen)
  45. 4th August 1928: Loyterton Farm (hut) (Owner: Mr Oyler Esq)
  46. 14th August 1928: Morris Court Farm, Bapchild (Owner: Mr Gascoyne)
  47. 22nd September 1928: Barbary Farm, Norton (chimney) (Tenant: Robert Snashall & Leaonard Greenstreet; Owner: The Hon Miller Lade)
  48. 1st December 1928: Dwelling, Conyer (Tenant: Mr H Luckhurst, Mr A W Whitehead; Mr A Whitehead Senr; Owner: Messrs Eastwood & Co.)
  49. 29th December 1928: Bogle Cottages (chimney) (Tenants: George Henry Hollands & Edward Norman; Owner: Mrs R M Wildash)
  50. 23rd February 1929: West End, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: John Hornewood (Homewood?); Owner: P Willis)
  51. 9th March 1929: Hill View, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: Mrs E & Miss Hales; Owner: Mrs E Lavars)
  52. 12th March 1929: The Hill, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: E.J. Wigg; Owner: Mr B Dixon)
  53. 14th April 1929: 1 Chapel Cottages (chimney) (Tenant: K Back; Owner: O E Fleet Cobb Esq of Blean House, Victoria Road, Sidcup)
  54. 15th April 1929: Fruit & Implement Store, Deerton Street (supposed train spark) (Owners: Exors S T George)
  55. 6th June 1929: Heathfield House, Lynsted (flue and beam) (Owner: Frank A Smith)
  56. 30th August 1929: Norton Court Farm (Hedge & Fence sparked by Road Engine) (Owner: A L Mercer)
  57. 24th September 1929: Ridham Dock (Wood Pulp & Sulphate Stacks - £46,000 loss) (Owners: Edward Lloyd Ltd)
  58. 9th December 1929: Dwelling, Claxfield Farm (chimney beam) (Tenant: Reg Ruck, J Lintott & A S Ruck; Owner: Potter Oyler)
  59. 20th February 1930: Wanstalls (beam in grate) (Tenant: Mr Lewis & others; Owners: Stephen George)
  60. 22nd March 1930: Radfield Cottages (chimney) (Tenant: Alfred Fisher & E G Kirby; Owner: Exors G H Dean)
  61. 23rd October 1930: School House, Lynsted Lane (chimney soot) (Tenant: Mr A Wood; Owner: Mrs P H Bishop)
  62. 20th November 1930: Deerton Street Farm (Tenant: E R Smith; Owner: Kent County Council)
  63. 28th March 1931: West End Bungalow, Doddington (chimney) (Tenant: Samuel J Collins; Owners: Mr L Davis)
  64. 14th May 1931: 3 Lime Cottages, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: Harry Phipps; Owner: Mr M F Crayden of The Retreat, Keycol Hill)
  65. 21 May 1931: Cellar Hill (tar tank & barrel) (Owner: J.R.D.C.)
  66. 7th July 1931: Lower Newlands Farm (lightning strike barns + stack) (Owner: J D Maxted)
  67. 30th November 1931: Newgardens, Teynham (chimney) (Owner: Mrs Honeyball)
  68. 31st December 1931: Lynsted Lodge (chimney) (Owner: Mr Roper Lumley Hollands)
  69. 18th February 1932: Thatched Cottage, Tickham (chimney) (Tenant: J Holman; Owner: Norton Orchards Ltd)
  70. 6th May 1932: Brunswick Cottages, Conyer (defective flue) (Tenant: F Shilling; Owner: Mr Dean)
  71. 21st August 1932: Tong Mills (farm buildings - £4,000) (Owner: Mr Charles Wicks)
  72. 13th January 1933: 9 Rose Cottages (chimney) (Tenant: Sidney Honeysett; Owner: Mr Franklin of 356 Main Road, New Eltham)
  73. 23rd January 1933: Battery, Lynsted (chimney) (Tenant: M Mercer; Owner: P French)
  74. 30th March 1933: Blue House, Teynham (defective flue) (Tenant: (Gipsys) Samuel Beany & others; Owner: Ambrose Smith of 61 Cromwell Road, Whitstable)
  75. 26th June 1933: West End, Greenstreet (bungalow & tearooms) (Owner: Edward Lyles)
  76. 10th September 1933: Batteries Farm, Lynsted (wheat stack near school house) (Owner: P French)
  77. 15th November 1933: 6 Station Road, Teynham (chimney) (Tenant: William H Hawkins; Owner: Ashley Smith)
  78. 27th December 1933: 9 Frognal Lane, Teynham (chimney) (Tenant: Charles Heathfield; Owner: A L Mercer)
  79. 20th January 1934: Brunswick Cottages, Conyer (chimney) (Tenant: Frank Martin; Owner: Mr Dean)
  80. 4th April 1934: Cabin Cruiser, Conyer (Owner: Tom Grant)
  81. 12th May 1934: Peat House, Teynham (flue) (Tenant: Ernest Jessie Bruce; Owner: B R Dixon)
  82. 16th August 1934: Norton Ash Field (Oat Stack) (Owner: Mr Streatfield)
  83. 21st August 1934: Frognal Brick Field (stables) (Owner: A R Mercer)
  84. 9th & 10th October 1934: Associate Portland Cement Manufacturers, Murston (breeze dump) (Owner: APCM)
  85. 12th January 1935: Alfred House, Greenstreet (flue) (Tenant: G Thomson; Owner: Mr Lavers) ("Hill View" adjoining)
  86. 29th January 1935: Vigo Farm, Lynsted Lane, Greenstreet (dipping tanks) (Owner: Arthur William Pilcher)
  87. 1st February 1935: Station Row, Teynham (chimney lining) (Tenant: Mr Swan; Owners: Messrs C Burley & Co Ltd)
  88. 9th March 1935: West End, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: Frances Everard; Owner: Mrs Kate George of "Lawnville", Canterbury Road, Herne Bay)
  89. 17th March 1935: Wanstalls, Greenstreet (chimney) (Tenant: Mrs R Jemmett; Owner: A George)
  90. 13th June 1935: Provender House (Owner: Mrs McDougal)
  91. 8th August 1935: Messrs Eastwoods Ltd, Conyer (grass & breeze)
  92. (<10th?) March 1936: Butchers Shop, Greenstreet (chimney) (Owner: E W Wilkins)
  93. 30th March 1936: Park Farm (pig stys etc) (Tenant: Frederick Coxhead Brice; Owner: Mr Roper-Lumley-Holland)
  94. 1st June 1936: House, Deerton Street (chimney) (Tenant: John Oliver; Owner: J D Maxted Esq)
  95. 4th July 1936: Radfield Farm (stacks) (Owner: Exors G H Dean Esq)
  96. 27th July 1936: Buckland Cottages (Owner: Ray Croft of 131 Trafalgar Road, Greenswich, SE)
  97. 12th November: Cellar Hill (thatched cottage - chimney) (Tenant: Mr M L Le Fleming; Owner: J D Maxted)
  98. 28th December 1936: Beaugil House (Bogle) (chimney) (Owner: Dr Selby)
  99. 14th February 1937: Dwelling, Tickham (chimney) (Tenant: Mr G Philpott; Owner: Norton Orchards Ltd)
  100. 15th April 1937: Nouds Farm (clover stack left to burn out) (Owner: J Thomas)

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