Documents - Articles by Society members and visitors

Several topics have been raised in articles offered by Society Members that light up and magnify aspects of our history.

Frances Fairman - Lynsted's Forgotten Artist - "The Lady Landseer". An intriguing story of high art, travel and poor investments. Research by Lis Heriz-Smith (PDF 2022).

Beating the Bounds - The Story behind the Tradition. Author, Dr Robert Baxter, supporting a Society "beating" in 2003 (& Holly planting, 2004).

Lady Margaret Roper and the head of Sir Thomas More. A visit by his skull!

Roper Mausoleum - Research notes, developed by Ken Diamond and Trevor Jewsbury for public Open Days. Or you can download a PDF version with this link.

Lynsted Court (or Sewards) - Compiled by Dr Robert Baxter

Execution of Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt - 27th July 1916 - Merchant Navy Hero Saluted on Teynham Station (PDF download)

The Mystery of Impetuous Youth, Glamour and Pioneering Aviator living in Lynsted Lodge - a tale of stage-struck playboys before World War 1. Published Article by Nigel Heriz-Smith.

Radfield Archaeology - Romano-British Excavations. Article by Robert Baxter and Ralph Mills (published by Kent Archaeological Society)

Fungus Foray in Toll Wood and in the Community Cherry Orchard - event report by Dr Robert Baxter (2005) [Note: some inserted images are from Commons]

Anarchy in the UK Goes Soft - Times newspaper article quoting Lis Heriz-Smith (2005) - the emergence of local democracy, organisation and empowerment through websites and social media.

Planting Trees under local conditions - large and small suggested species - an article from Nigel Heriz-Smith exploring the options for planting trees at a scale to suit you, your gardens, paddocks or larger tracts of land. There is a focus on 'drought tolerance' as Kent sits in the 'desert' of lower average rainfall. If you want the full list of potential trees, use this link.


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